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How to Customize Your Neck Lift for Full Face Rejuvenation 

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Posted December 21, 2023 in Neck Lift

Summary: A neck lift specifically targets loose, sagging skin of the chin, neck, and jowls. While neck lift surgery is the best way to tighten skin and rejuvenate this face area, many patients look towards combining surgical and non-surgical procedures for complete face harmony. This blog discusses the benefits of a neck lift, what additional surgical procedures complement a neck lift, and what your non-surgical options are to add with a neck lift. 

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The neck is a highly visible part of the body that, unfortunately, very easily shows signs of aging over time. As we age, our skin in this delicate area sags and wrinkles, often leaving us with loose neck skin, undefined jawlines, unwanted fat deposits, and double chins. A neck lift is a surgical procedure that addresses these signs of aging. 

middle aged woman looking into a mirror and smiling as she touches her neck

What Can a Neck Lift Do For You?

Neck lift surgery, also called a lower facelift, is a transformative procedure that corrects signs of aging and restores a youthful neck appearance. You might not be able to turn back the clock and be young again, but you can choose to get cosmetic surgery, such as a neck lift, to have you looking young again and feeling like your best self. 

A neck lift can eliminate displaced fat deposits in the neck, lift sagging jowls to define the jawline, fix muscle banding, remove excess skin, and tighten the remaining neck skin. The surgery is performed by your surgeon, who creates two small incisions behind your ears, along your hairline, which they will use to lift the neck tissues and tighten the muscles. Your surgeon will remove any excess fat deposits in the neck using liposuction, and after the fat is removed, they will remove any extra neck skin and tighten the remaining skin. 

Neck Lift Before and After

After receiving neck lift surgery, you’ll have some swelling and bruising. As the swelling dies down, you can expect to see your results within one to two weeks. Your neck lift will leave you with tighter, firmer skin and smooth neck contours.

Before and after photos of a neck lift patient in Ashburn. VA

Additional Surgeries to Complement Your Neck Lift

While a neck lift can do wonders for your lower face and neck region, you may have other facial concerns you want to tackle with cosmetic surgery. If you want to smooth wrinkles and other signs of aging in other facial areas, you may also consider getting a facelift, brow lift, or eyelid surgery. 


A facelift, also called rhytidectomy, can correct signs of aging in the lateral and lower facial regions. For people experiencing sagging skin in this area or a loss of facial volume, a facelift can be an excellent procedure to combat these issues. 

Brow Lift

A brow lift, also called a forehead lift, is excellent for removing frown lines on the forehead and top of the nose. It can also lift drooping eyebrows and leave you with a smoother, younger-looking forehead. 

Eyelid Surgery 

Eyelid surgery is sometimes referred to as an eye lift or blepharoplasty, and it can lift sagging eyelids, eliminate puffy bags, and remove wrinkles in the eyelid area. 

Non-Surgical Options to Add to Your Neck Lift

For some people, one surgical procedure may be more than enough. If you want to treat other areas of your face that aren’t addressed by your neck lift but don’t want to add another surgery, some non-surgical options — such as Dysport, BOTOX® COSMETIC, RF Microneedling and liquid facelift — may be of interest to you. 

Dysport Treatment

Dysport is an injection treatment used to remove frown lines between the eyebrows. 


You may already be familiar with BOTOX® COSMETIC due to its widespread popularity. BOTOX® COSMETIC injections can be used to treat forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, as well as other upper face wrinkles. 

RF Microneedling

Microneedling is also an excellent option for impressive results without surgery, especially since this technique is combined with radiofrequency to elevate the final outcome. 

Liquid Facelift

The liquid facelift is a non-surgical treatment that can improve the quality of the face’s skin, address hollowness in the cheeks, and correct facial drooping. This non-surgical liquid facelift is minimally invasive, requires minimal recovery time, and is significantly less expensive than a traditional surgical facelift. 

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