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Thin Lip Enhancement

in Northern Virginia
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Fuller Lips

It isn’t at all uncommon to desire fuller lips or smooth, youthful skin around the lips and mouth.

While thin lips pose no medical risk to patients, many patients feel self-conscious about their appearance as a result of their thin lips and seek medical cosmetic treatment. At Nova Plastic Surgery, we understand each patient’s unique and personal reasons for seeking consultation and treatment. To satisfy our patients, we offer lip augmentations for thin lips and Botox for fine wrinkles around the lips.

BOTOX® Cosmetic

Because thin lips are often accompanied by fine lines around the mouth, we offer Botox to smooth the skin around the mouth and prevent the contraction of muscles that result in these lines. BOTOX® is injected into the muscles causing the lines; again, patients experience a slight pinch as the needle is inserted by no ongoing or lasting discomfort. Botox is also temporary and ongoing treatment is required to maintain the desired result.


Restylane is a hyaluronic acid filler. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body, making it a safe and effective treatment. When injected into the lips, fillers can plump the lips, creating the naturally full appearance many patients desire. Restylane is temporary and is typically injected at three- to four-month intervals to maintain the desired appearance. Most patients describe the injections as a quick, slight pinch.

You can’t choose the lips you’re born with, but you can choose to enhance them if you desire. To schedule a consultation appointment for a lip augmentation or fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth with Nova Plastic Surgery, you can fill out the contact form here or call (703) 574-2588.

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