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Scars resulting from surgery, acne, or injury are very common, and when they occur on the face or other highly visible area, patients often feel very self-conscious about them.

Scars can be impossible to treat using over-the-counter remedies, but Nova Plastic Surgery addresses scars through innovative and highly effective treatment options. Through medical treatment, we are able to eliminate or significantly fade even the darkest scars.

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Some scars may require surgical removal. Surgical removal is the most invasive scar treatment but also the most effective on some severe scars such as keloidal scars (round, bulbous scars that expand beyond the boundaries of the initial wound). Our board-certified surgeons are highly experienced in surgical scar removal.

Nano Laser Peel

Through the innovative and advanced Nano Laser Peel, we are able to treat significant acne or other scarring on the face or other areas of the body. Nano Laser Peel procedure causes the targeted skin to peel away, effectively removing scarred and damaged tissue and replacing it with new, unscarred skin.

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Scars Cream

Prescription-strength scar creams like biochornium can be used to treat scars over time. The creams are typically prescribed by a dermatologist and then applied daily at home with follow up appointments throughout the treatment cycle. Creams are the least invasive treatment available and are most effective on minor scarring.

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