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Treating Skin Texture Changes with Laser Resurfacing

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Posted February 15, 2013 in News

Skin texture changes is a term that encompasses a variety of signs of aging, including wrinkles, expression lines, hyper-pigmentation, acne scarring, dry skin, uneven complexions, and age spots. It includes any changes to the look or feel of your skin that are related to lifestyle choices and genetics (aside from volume loss or sagging skin). These changes can be influenced by something as simple as the position in which you sleep, or something as damaging as repeated exposure to the sun.
Since these changes are so individual and dependent on each persons lifestyle, it is difficult to prescribe just one treatment or product that will help reverse their signs. However, laser treatments performed by a licensed esthetician or a board certified plastic surgeon will combat the appearance of almost all of the signs of skin texture changes.
There are a variety of different laser treatments, some that remove the top layer of skin to expose the newer, younger-looking skin below, and some that affect the underlying layers of skin to encourage the growth of new collagen for tighter skin. But no matter which type of laser treatment you undergo, they will all give your skin a renewed look (though you may need to come in for multiple treatments in a series if you get a non-ablative laser treatment, which is the one that does not burn off the top layer of skin).
The precision of a laser allows the surgeon or esthetician to treat the exact area of your skin that you want treated. There is no unnecessary recovery time or treatment in unwanted areas.
Laser treatments can reduce the appearance of age spots, redness, or an uneven skin tone. They can reduce the appearance of fine lines, tighten the skin, and help even out a dull complexion. They will give the skin a tighter, more youthful, glowing look, no matter which form of the treatment you select.
The downtime and length of treatment will depend on your individual situation and what type of laser treatment you get. Some will cause mild peeling and require you to wear an SPF for a few days, while other treatments are more dramatic and will require you to take a few weeks off. Your esthetician or surgeon will help you select the laser treatment that is right for you.
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