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Do I Need a Breast Lift with My Augmentation?

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Posted August 05, 2013 in News

Perhaps youve had children and would like to restore your chest to its youthful perkiness. Or, maybe youve lost a significant amount of weight and your breasts have lost volume. Women who are unhappy with the size and volume of their breasts often opt for breast augmentation surgery, but many also find that pairing an augmentation with a breast lift (mastopexy) will give them the results they are looking for.
Do I need a breast lift with my augmentation?
By themselves, breast implants and breast lift surgery only address one aspect of the breasts appearance. If you only have one issue (i.e., you want larger breasts but are fine with their position, or you want to correct down-facing nipples, but dont need a bigger cup size), one or the other procedure will probably correct it. But if you want to address your breast position and volume, as is often the case with women who have had multiple pregnancies, the combination of the two procedures is probably more appropriate.
Good candidates will have breasts that droop or sag, with nipples that point down instead of out (the nipples may even be below the breast crease). The breasts may have lost volume, resulting in a pancake chest. If you are unhappy with the level of fullness in the top of the breasts (the part that is generally associated with cleavage), you are a good candidate for the combination of the two procedures.
The breast lift will reposition the areola and the nipple and remove excess skin and breast tissue, while the implants replace lost volume and cup size, and restore cleavage.

Mastoplexy with Silicone Augmentation Before and After

Procedure performed by Dr. Nukta at NOVA Plastic Surgery

breast lift beforebreat lift after iibreast lift after
Breast lift with augmentation is a common procedure that our plastic surgeon, Dr. Nukta performs. At your consultation with Dr. Nukta, he will discuss with you your options and help you select the procedure(s) that is most appropriate for achieving your goals and expectations.

If youre considering breast surgery to improve your confidence and appearance, wed love to talk to you about your options. Please contact us at NOVA Plastic Surgery for a consultation. Call us at 703.574.2588 or complete our contact form.

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