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Which Laser Treatment is Right For Me?

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Posted January 14, 2013 in News

This month were discussing skin sagging or skin droopiness of the face, which is one of the three aspects of facial aging. When combined with the other two aspects, fat loss and changes to skin texture (like wrinkles), we look older and more tired. Facial resurfacing with a laser treatment is one method of combatting saggy skin of the face.
Laser treatments improve the appearance of loose skin by stimulating collagen growth and tightening the layers of the skin below the surface. Collagen is a protein in the skin that gives it firmness and plumpness, and as we age, it deteriorates. The regeneration of collagen with a laser treatment will help reverse those effects.

But there are several forms of laser treatment on the market, and several types of treatments available in our office thanks to your Sciton Joule laser system. How do you know which laser treatment is right for you?
Other Benefits
While almost all the laser treatments we offer for facial aging will help combat loose skin, many of the treatments are intended for correcting other issues. For example, the IPL photofacial stimulates collagen, but is also useful for removing age spots or combatting hyperpigmentation. The MicroLaser Peel also stimulates collagen, but can also combat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, acne scars, freckles, and rough skin.
Talk with our esthetician to determine what other issues you would like to correct, and that will help you narrow down the choices of treatment.
Recovery Time and Treatment Time
Your choice of laser treatment may also depend on how much time you have available to come into the office, and how much time you want to spend recovering from the treatment. An IPL photofacial can take only 15 minutes, and has no recovery time aside from wearing sunscreen when you go outside. However, a MicroLaser Peel that is done at a deep layer can take up to an hour and can have a recovery time of a few days.
If youre looking for something quick, with mild to moderate results and no recovery time, make sure you tell the esthetician so she can recommend the right treatment for you.
Ask the Esthetician
Our trained on-site esthetician will help you determine which treatment is exactly right for you based on your needs. Call today to schedule an appointment or to ask any questions you might have. Our number is (703) 574-2588.
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