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Surgical Solutions for Sagging Facial Skin

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Posted January 16, 2013 in News

Saggy, droopy, or loose skin on the face is just one of the aspects of facial aging (the other two are fat loss and skin texture changes, like wrinkle formation or age spots). The aspects of facial aging combine to make us look older- usually older than wed like. There are non-surgical solutions to facial skin sagging, such as the laser treatments we discussed earlier in the month. However, non-surgical options will not provide you with dramatic results, nor will the remove excess skin like jowls.
There are a number of surgical options for combatting facial skin sagging, depending on the area you want to focus on and the amount of time you want to spend in recovery.

Brow Lift
A brow lift is designed for patients whose brow skin has started sagging lower and lower, causing deep furrows and facial wrinkles, as well as a brow that might start covering the eyes (this can interfere with vision). Brow lifts involve making an incision behind the hairline, removing excess tissue, and pulling the brow skin back up into the desired position.
A facelift is the go-to surgical procedure for patients with unwanted facial looseness. There are a variety of facelifts available, including a mini-lift, which is less dramatic and has a shorter recovery time. A regular facelift involves incisions behind the hairline or behind the ear, depending on your specific situation. The recovery time for a facelift is around four weeks to six weeks. A traditional facelift will affect the skin from your lower eyelids to the jaw, while a mini-lift will lift the skin of the face below the nose.
Neck Lift
A neck lift will improve the appearance of the skin of the neck. As we age, we can develop cording (an appearance of strings running from the chin to the collarbone). We can also develop turkey neck, when skin under the chin becomes loose and starts to wiggle as we move our head. Neck lifts can be one part or two part, with the parts being the removal of excess skin and the tightening of neck muscles, if necessary. Like a facelift, a neck lift recovery will take between four to six weeks.
If you are considering a surgical solution for your loose facial skin, please call our office for answers to any questions and to schedule a consultation with our Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Nukta. Our number is (703) 574-2588
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