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Top 3 Ways to Reduce or Eliminate Your Scars

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Posted December 06, 2022 in Scar Revision

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Whether from acne, a traumatic event, or surgery (plastic surgery or medically necessary surgery), one of the most frustrating skin concerns is the appearance of scars. 

Some scars are small and nearly imperceptible, while others are raised and discolored from the surrounding skin, which only seems to draw attention away from your overall aesthetic and skin quality. 

When this happens, men and women of any age can feel embarrassed and self-conscious. 

Close-up image of a scar on a woman's shoulder

Scars tend to fade over time, but the reality is that many scars do not fade as much as we would like them to. 

If you struggle with scars on any part of your body or face, you can try to cover them with clothing, accessories, or makeup, or you can undergo one of the several cosmetic options (both surgical and non-surgical) to permanently correct these scars. 

Below, we will explore three of the best ways to improve the appearance of your scar(s).

1. Lutronic Genius® RF

One of the most popular cosmetic treatments available for skin restoration and scar reduction is microneedling, and the Lutronic Genius® RF microneedling device is definitely at the top of the game. 

This device combines the transformative effects of microneedling with the restorative powers of radiofrequency energy (RF energy).

For the Lutronic Genius® RF microneedling treatment, tiny needles will puncture the skin at different depths. These micro-injuries cause the body to heal itself, while promoting the production of collagen and elastin. This is important because collagen and elastin are both natural proteins in the body that are responsible for the strength, health, and elasticity of your skin. 

As the needles are creating the micro-injuries, RF energy is directed through the open channels to stimulate even more collagen. This process helps improve skin texture while tightening the skin. And, most importantly, the combination of microneedling and radiofrequency energy helps to reduce the appearance of scars on the skin (especially those resulting from acne).

2. Laser Resurfacing

Similar to RF energy, laser resurfacing treatments promote collagen production in your body to effectively help you achieve smoother skin. Laser energy can help reduce and even eliminate the appearance of scars. 

NOVA Plastic Surgery and Dermatology is proud to offer two different laser light treatments to help your skin look the way you’ve always wanted.

ProFractional Laser Treatments

For the ProFractional laser treatment, light energy is used to penetrate the epidermis, stimulating collagen production and helping your skin appear clearer and more youthful. This specific treatment uses the erbium:YAG laser, which combines two laser wavelengths to address the skin concerns like scarring

NanoLaser Peel Treatments

The NanoLaser Peel treatment uses the same erbium:YAG laser as the ProFractional laser treatment; however, the NanoLaser Peel is an ablative procedure. This means that the top layers of skin are removed with the laser energy. 

The “peel” process helps to get rid of older and damaged skin so that your body can more effectively grow new and healthy skin in its place. 

After the procedure, HydraBalm will be applied to the treated skin to help protect the treated skin and promote the healing and recovery process.

3. Scar Revision Surgery

While RF and laser technology can help minimize the appearance of smaller scars on the body and face, these treatments are not always effective with larger, more extensive scars. These scars, usually as a result of trauma or a medical procedure, can be dark in color and prominent on the skin. 

For these types of scars, revision surgery can be performed to help you achieve a more natural appearance. 

Depending on the extent of correction needed, the skin can be loosened, while underlying structures are rebuilt. This can allow the scar to be repositioned on the body so that it aligns more with a natural skin crease. Another way to surgically revise the appearance of scars is through the use of skin grafting, where damaged skin is surgically removed and skin grafts are used to replace the treated areas. 

It is important to understand that scar revision surgery will not erase the appearance of scars, but it can minimize their appearance so that they are less noticeable.

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