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7 Secrets About Cosmetic Surgery That Aren’t Typically Discussed

Posted April 06, 2020 in Body, Face

Usually when you read about or hear something in the news that involves cosmetic surgery it is either extraordinarily good or extraordinarily bad. Yet millions of people undergo procedures every year. They are the average Joes, the girls next door, they aren’t rich or famous. And that is where the truth about cosmetic surgery lies […]

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Top 5 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Plastic Surgeon in Northern Virginia

Posted January 06, 2020 in News

Why do we get plastic surgery? Primarily, we want to look and feel great. We love that confidence boost that echoes through every aspect of our lives, from relationships to career to social life. For those reasons, if you’re considering getting plastic surgery, you need to know what you want and need from your plastic […]

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