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Over the Muscle vs. Under the Muscle Breast Implants

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Posted June 27, 2012 in News

Breast Implants in Northern Va
There are several decisions to make when you decide to get breast implants in Northern Va. After much discussion and consultation with your surgeon, you will decide whether silicone or saline breast implants are best for you. You will decide what kind of incisions the surgeon will make. You will also need to decide if you want the implants placed over or under the muscle in the breast.
One of the major deciding factors in where the place the implant will be the state of your existing breast tissue at the top of the breast, closer to the collarbone. If the tissue at the top of the breast is too thin, the outline of the implant will be clearly visible if you place it over the muscle. However, if there is sufficient tissue to hide the implant outline, you can place it over the muscle.
Over-the-muscle implants are easier to place in the breast, and the surgery requires less recovery time (since the muscle tissue is not disturbed). This placement creates a more rounded look with more obvious cleavage. You can also use larger implants with this placement than you would with under-the-muscle placement.
On the other hand, there is nothing supporting an over-the-muscle implant other than fat, breast tissue, and skin. This placement has an increased risk of the implants bottoming out, or sliding down out of place. There is also an increased risk of visible rippling of the implants. Additionally, some women dont like the rounded look of this placement because they find it less natural looking.
Patients can also elect to have an implant placed partially under the muscle, where the bottom portion of the breast implant is supported by skin but the top portion is behind the muscle. This gives the implant a more rounded look and is easier to place than a complete under the muscle placement, but it still has a great risk of bottoming out.
An implant that is totally under-the-muscle is behind the pectorals on the top 2/3, and is supported by connective tissue on the bottom portion. This placement has the most natural appearance and the smallest risk of bottoming out or having visible rippling. It also provides for better mammography visibility. However, this surgery results in the most discomfort post-op, is the most difficult to perform, and the breasts may be a bit higher than normal until the muscles adapt.
No one breast implant placement is right for every patient. You will need to discuss your options in depth with your surgeon, so he can help you select the placement that will give you the desired results. Visit our breast augmentation page for comprehensive educational information, patient testimonials and more on the procedure.
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