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Breast Implants and Confidence

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Posted June 29, 2012 in News

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There are innumerable pressures on women in modern culture to look a certain way. Those pressures can come from advertisements, movies, music videos, and celebrities who return to their pre-baby bodies at lightning speed. However, the pressure to have a specific kind of body or appearance are not a good reason to get breast implants- you should only get them for yourself.
The media isnt the only place pressure on women can come from. Walking into a Victoria Secret and seeing that they dont carry your size is another form of pressure. It can even come from your loved ones- has your boyfriend or husband ever made a comment about your body that made you consider plastic surgery?
Responding to pressure to look a certain way is not a good reason to get a breast augmentation, no matter where the pressure is coming from. You should not let anyone change your feelings about your own body for the worst. The only appropriate reason to get breast implants (other than for reconstructive reasons) is because you want them.
Women have a number of reasons for wanting to get the surgery. Perhaps you just want to fill out your clothes, have a more proportional body, increase your own confidence, or recover the breasts you had before you had children. Maybe you want to correct an asymmetry in your breasts or have an easier time shopping for clothes.
Whatever the reason is, as long as it concerns your own feelings and not someone elses, you should pursue it. Women should be allowed to feel as confident in their own skin as possible, and a breast augmentation is one way to make that happen.
The bottom line is, getting surgery to make someone else happy (other than yourself) can have negative results, and can decrease a womans confidence instead of boosting it. If you go into the surgery feeling low and doing it at someone elses behest, you might not get the outcome you want. However, getting breast implants for your own reasons can result in a new, bolder, more you, you! If thats what youre after, call for a consultation about breast implants today.
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