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Breast Implant Profile Differences

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Posted July 02, 2012 in Breast

When you make an appointment for a breast augmentation consultation, the surgeon will discuss a number of options with you, including the type of implant you want (saline or silicone), whether to place them over or under the muscle, the size implants you desire, and what profile youre after.
Customers may not be as familiar with the differences between breast implant profiles. The implants profile includes the width of its base (the part that rests against the chest wall), and the profiles projection, or how far out from the chest wall the top of the implant reaches.
Low or moderate profile implants do not project out very far when placed on a flat surface, and may have a wider base. High profile breast implants will project farther when placed on a flat surface (or higher, to use a different term), and may have a smaller base.
Your surgeon will help you select the profile you want based on the size implant youre after, and on your existing frame. For example, a woman with a very slender frame may select a certain size implant that comes in both high and low profiles. A low profile implant, since it has a wider base, may project past the edge of her rib cage, which can be an unnatural look. The higher profile implant allows her to achieve the volume and size she wants using a smaller implant.
However, a woman with a larger frame and a wider chest may find that she needs a low or moderate profile breast implant to cover the natural diameter of her breast and to give a natural look.
High profile breast implants, along with having more projection per centimeter of base diameter than low or moderate implants, has a higher side wall, which can reduce the appearance of rippling once the implant is in place. High profile implants are available in both silicone and saline forms, which allows the patient to truly customize her final appearance.
It is important to select an implant that fits your natural shape. A breast implant with a base that is too wide and a profile that is too low may exceed your breasts ability to stretch into a new shape, leaving you with a double bubble look. During your consultation, your surgeon will work very closely with you to ensure that your final results are attractive and produce the results you want.
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