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Breast Augmentation and Weight Loss

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Posted July 05, 2012 in News

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Losing weight when you are overweight has a number of benefits. Youll be healthier, possibly live longer, feel better, and be more active. Your clothes may be better fitting and you might experience a boost of confidence. However, that confidence can be dampened if your weight loss has negatively affected the appearance of your breasts.
Weight loss, especially if its large amounts of weight, can cause your breasts to shrink as much as an entire cup size or more. Your breasts may also lose volume and begin to sag. Breasts are composed largely of adipose fatty tissue, so it can be the first place you notice weight loss once you begin dieting or exercising (or having gastric bypass surgery). On the other hand, some women never lose breast volume when they lose weight, but still want breast augmentation after weight loss to complete their transformation.

Breast augmentation can restore your breasts to their original size and volume, and when combined with a breast lift, can give you back the lift you miss. A breast lift in and of itself will probably not give you all the results youre after- while it will remove excess skin and position the breasts and nipples higher, you will still lack cleavage and volume on the top of the breasts. Breast implants can give you the volume and fullness you desire.
If youre having breast augmentation after losing large amounts of weight, the recovery time may be a bit longer because of the larger amounts of excess skin that may need to be removed. This wont be universal to every patient, and your surgeon will thoroughly discuss the details of your procedure during your consultation.
If you are considering breast implants and are not at your desired weight, begin your diet and exercise program before the surgery. It is always best to have a stable weight before the procedure because losing large amounts of weight after getting implants can negatively affect their appearance. If your weight is stable before breast augmentation, you can be sure that your post-surgical appearance is the one that you will have for a long time.
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