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Top Reasons For Getting Breast Augmentation

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Posted June 26, 2012 in News

Deciding to get breast implants is a major decision, and one that requires a great deal of thought. The benefits will include things like fitting into clothes off the rack with greater ease, easier bra shopping, and being able to finally stop comparing yourself to others. However, these are some of the more minor reasons for getting breast augmentation. Here are some of the major ones:

  1. Increased self-confidence. A boost to your self-esteem may seem like a vague concept, but it will manifest itself in a variety of ways after receiving breast implants. You may have more confidence in your dating life, or at work. You may walk taller on the beach or be more assertive when dealing with difficult people. This is one of the most important reasons for getting breast implants. You deserve to feel good about yourself, no matter what anyone else thinks.
  2. Pregnancy. Having children can be one of the most fulfilling experiences in a womans life, but it can wreak havoc on her body. Some women find that their breasts lose volume and sag after childbirth and breastfeeding. Having a breast augmentation, especially when combined with a breast lift, can correct these issues.
  3. Breast Appearance. Some womens breasts develop asymmetrically, or in a tubular shape. Some women dont like the flatness of their breasts, or the position of the breast curve. Some women want a more rounded appearance. Having breast implants can correct any number of aesthetic issues. These issues may or may not be visible to anyone but the patient, but knowing that they are corrected will make a woman feel better about her own body.
  4. Significant Weight Loss. Losing large amounts of weight can cause the breasts to shrink in size, or to lose volume. They may sag in ways similar to the way breasts lower after childbirth. Having breast implants after large amounts of weight loss will restore your silhouette to a more youthful look, and will also make your smaller waist more pronounced!

No matter what reason you have for wanting to get the procedure, make sure that youre considering doing it for yourself and not for someone else in your life. The important thing is how you feel about your own body and shape. If you have any questions or want to schedule a consultation for breast augmentation in Northern Virginia, call our office at (703) 574-2588 or click here.
For more information on the procedure, visit our breast augmentation page or view before and after photos.

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