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Gain the Upper Hand When It Comes to Choosing Your Hand Surgeon

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Posted July 30, 2015 in News
Diagram of the anatomy of the human hand

Diagram of the anatomy of the human hand

The hand may be one of the most unique, complex, and delicate portions of the human body. The bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, muscles, nerves, and skin of the hand must be in the best quality in order to have the best functioning hand possible. So, how do you know how to choose the best hand specialist and surgeon for you?
Choosing the right hand specialist is a very personal decision. As a patient, you want to be sure that care and attention that has to go into the mechanics of the hand is coming from an expert with a passion for care. Here are some tips to help you make the best decision in order to preserve the functionality of your hand.

Ask for Referrals

A great way to get the name of a reliable hand specialist or surgeon is to simply ask! Start with your primary care physician (or if seen in the ER, your Emergency Department physician). They will know doctors that they have worked with and will have a few recommendations for you based on your needs. Dont be afraid to ask or call the recommended doctors office to ask questions!
Dr. Nukta comes highly recommended from several hospitals, doctors, and companies in the Northern Virginia area.

Google the Doctor

Google is a go-to search engine for just about anything you want to know. Cast a wide net of information by googling the hand surgeon you are interested in to check a variety of websites that he is affiliated with. Be sure to check Yelp for reviews, Facebook for interactions, and the physicians practice website to evaluate their expertise and quality of care.
NOVA Plastic Surgery has a Facebook page where we post information on the office, exclusive deals we are offering, and whats happening around the office! We are active on Yelp as well, currently stacking in as a 5 star review!!

Check the hand surgeons credentials and education

When it comes to hand surgery, your physician can never be overqualified! Its important to look into the surgeons educational history as well as their surgery credentials and certifications. When it comes to education, being board certified is vital in determining whether or not the respective surgeon has the necessary training, skills, and/or experience. The board certification speaks volumes for the doctors academic history, their residency, and their fellowship training. You want to ensure that you can rely on your hand surgeon to help guide you through the treatment and healing process of the hand.
Dr. Nukta is a double Board Certified Plastic and Hand surgeon. After finishing medical school, Dr. Nukta completed a total of 9 years of surgical trainingexcelling among his peers throughout. He did a one-year surgical research fellowship with the Department of Surgical Sciences at Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center in New Jersey. He completed a 5-year residency in general surgery at one of Yale Universitys major teaching affiliates the Hospital of St. Raphael. He served as Chief Surgical Resident during his last year of this residency. Dr. Nukta also completed a one year hand surgery fellowship at the world renowned Kleinerts Hand Institution in Louisville, Kentucky, where he was honored to be part of the surgical team performing the only arm transplants in the country at the time. That year included heavy training in microsurgery and peripheral nerve surgery. Last but certainly not least, Dr. Nukta finished a 2-year plastic surgery residency at the University of Massachusetts. During his second year of training he was able to spend time with and learn from world famous cosmetic surgeons in New York City and Boston. Dr. Nukta was recruited as an attending surgeon and Assistant Professor of Surgery at the University of Massachusetts, School of Medicine, home of the Nobel Prize winner Craig Mello, PhD.

Evaluate their communication style and bedside manner

Having and injury, especially in regard to the hand, can be a painful and stressful time for you as a patient. In order to receive the best care, you want to feel comfortable and at ease when it comes to your treatment. Find a hand specialist/surgeon that fosters an open line of communication that allows you to ask and questions regarding your diagnosis, treatment plan, or post-treatment and then who answers them in a way that you are easily able to understand and open to discuss options with you. The bedside manner goes beyond the initial treatment plan– be sure to look for a surgeon who is really interested in getting to know you better as a patient and person.
Dr. Nukta and the staff at NOVA Plastic Surgery are committed to giving back both to the local community and to people in other countries. Dr. Nukta has gone on multiple cleft-lip mission trips and has participated in several trips to South America and the Middle East to help less fortunate children. Dr. Nukta is dedicated to his profession and every one of our employees is committed to providing the very best possible results for our patients. Our staff is professional, educated and they work very hard to give you an exceptional patient experience.
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