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WASH – An Innovative Alternative to Traditional Hand Surgery

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Posted August 07, 2015 in News

shutterstock_207775711Traditionally, when you think of hand surgery you think of a bright operating room lights, fasting, and anesthesia.
What if I told you that you didnt have to go through all that to get your tendon repair, tenolysis, or tendon transfer taken care of?

Wide Awake Surgery of the Hand, or WASH, is a revolutionary method that utilizes safe and effective techniques to preform hand surgery without the need for a tourniquet, and thus eliminated the need for general anesthesia or sedation. In lieu of anesthesia, a local anesthetic is implemented so the patient is awake during the procedure. This sedation-free surgery is much like one that you would get at the dentist or the dermatologist! WASH can be used for an array of hand related issues including carpel tunnel, extensor tend on repair, trigger finger, and many more.
WASH will alleviate all of the risks and annoyances that come with general anesthesia and sedation. This procedure is perfect for individuals with busy schedules. Professionals, busy moms, the self-employed and small business owners will all benefit from the lack of recovery time from WASH. These patients will sometimes tolerate the pain associated with their hand for years in order to avoid the disturbance surgery might bring to their life. In most instances, had surgery sets patients back a few days for recovery and the actual surgery. However, with WASH you are able to get your hand pain taken care of and only have to take a few hours total! Another great benefit of WASH is the affordability. If you have a high deductible or cant afford the fees from the anesthesiology or surgery center, WASH is the way to go. The procedures can be done in an office setting and are without the need of an anesthesiologist, saving you money and time.
There are some more huge and convincing differences between traditional and surgery and the WASH method. See our chart below to compare the two methods.

If you think youd be a good candidate for WASH, call our office at (703) 574-2588 to schedule a consult with Dr. Nukta.

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