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Forever Young BBL on Extra TV

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Posted July 18, 2014 in News

We’ve been talking a lot about the Forever Young BBL on our blog recently, but we’re not the only ones excited about the results! Check out this segment on Extra TV featuring two different skin problems that the Forever Young BBL treats:

This video shows the results of two common skin problems after being treated with the Forever Young BBL by Sciton. The first woman featured had a lot of sun damage on her chest from being out in the sun her entire life. Her chest began to show signs of aging due to this sun damage. After one treatment with the BBL, you can see a remarkable difference. The Forever Young BBL does not just treat damage that is already present, it “turns on the genes that reverse the signs of aging,” according to Dr. Glynis Ablon featured in this video. The second woman had freckles that began to clump together into spots as she aged, making her look older. After one treatment with the Forever Young BBL, the spots began to flake off and after ten days, were completely gone.
While these two patients had great results after just one treatment, most patients will require several treatments to achieve the results they desire. At NOVA Plastic Surgery in Ashburn, we offer Forever Young BBL in single sessions, packages of 3, and packages of 6 to ensure that you receive optimum results. To schedule your consultation and BBL treatment in Ashburn, VA, please call our office at 703-574-2588.

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