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Everything You Wanted to Know About Breast Surgery and Were Too Embarrassed to Ask

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Posted June 17, 2019 in Breast

Everything You Wanted to Know About Breast Surgery and Were Too Embarrassed to AskWith over 300,000 procedures done a year, breast augmentation continues to be the No. 1 cosmetic surgical procedure for women, and it’s easy to see why. Breast enhancement can transform how you look and feel at home, at work, and out on the town. But you have questions, and maybe you’ve been embarrassed to ask your doctor or even a trusted friend. Here are the answers you’ve been looking for.

How Obvious Will It Be That I Had Some Work Done?

Everyone will notice, but no one will know.
Some women who get a breast augmentation want everyone to take note. They may be going for an extreme size and all the comments that come with that. But this isn’t you; you don’t want everyone to be talking about your tatas. You want to enjoy the “perks” of breast enhancement without the stares, questions, or rumors.
We’ve got good news: When you’re fully clothed, it’s nearly impossible for a stranger, coworker, friend, or in-law to tell that you have had a breast augmentation. You’ll look fuller. People may wonder what’s different, but they can rarely pinpoint a breast enhancement when done right by a board-certified plastic surgeon in Northern Virginia.
When you’re alone with a significant other, they may notice the small scar in the fold under the breast if they’re looking for it. But the uneven skin tone fades with time in most women when you follow proper scar care after the procedure.

How Do I Perform Self-Exams After the Operation?

As part of your normal and healthy routine, you should still be doing  self-exams, even after breast augmentation, and breast exams after breast enhancement are actually easier than before.
Breast implants are placed beneath the layer of breast tissue and muscle. This means that when you do the exam in the same way you always have, it’s easier to feel a lump because it has an implant behind it instead of soft adipose tissue. You will have no breast tissue under the implant, so there’s nowhere for lumps to hide.

What Do I Have to Avoid Doing Right After the Operation?

  1. Don’t overexert yourself. Take a few days off work and empty your social schedule. You’ll feel sore and need to conserve energy for the healing process.
  2. Don’t sleep on your stomach. Sleep on your back, in a recliner, or in the fetal position.
  3. Don’t go swimming until your board certified plastic surgeon has cleared you to do so.
  4. Avoid heavy lifting. Skip the weight room right after the procedure. You don’t want to tear something. Your doctor in Ashburn will let you know when you can return to normal activities.
  5. Avoid strenuous exercise for at least a week, maybe two or more as directed by your doctor. Mild activities like walking, driving, non-strenuous jobs, and housework are okay, but put your running shoes away for a little while. Also, keep your yoga mat in the closet. Even a gentle beginner’s yoga class may prevent proper healing.
  6. Don’t skimp on healthy foods. Many nutrients are not stored in the body for long. You need them to heal properly, so make sure you’re eating a healthy diet with a wide range of healthful foods.
  7. Avoid smoking or using any nicotine product. Nicotine affects the cardiovascular system and may slow your healing.

What Are My Breast Enhancement Options?

If you’re new to breast implants, you may be unaware of how many breast augmentation options you have. Your board certified plastic surgeon in Loudoun County can help you understand which is right for you.

Saline Breast Implants

Filled with sterile salt water, FDA-approved saline provides a uniform shape, feel, and firmness that people like. In the rare event of a saline leak, saline is simply absorbed into your body and processed out naturally through your kidneys.

Silicone Breast Augmentation

These breast implants are filled with a cohesive silicone gel. Silicone is known for its ability to mimic the feel of human tissue. In the rare event of a leak, silicone implants do not collapse like saline. The FDA has approved silicone for people 22 years old or older.
Some other implants you might consider for your breast surgery include:

  • Round – An implant positioned to give a round appearance.
  • Smooth – An implant that moves very smoothly with your breast tissue.

As with all cosmetic procedures, no one surgery is the same. That’s why it is so important to consult with a board-certified plastic surgery team before choosing any surgery. In a consultation, you will discuss your medical history, as well as expectations and goals. Your surgeon will decide the best way to proceed to give you the best possible outcome.
The journey to the perfect breast augmentation is filled with questions and research. Our guide, The Complete Guide to Breast Augmentation will help you be more informed, confident, and excited about your decision to enhance your look. You can read it now, or if you’re ready to speak to an expert, reach out to us today.

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