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What to Expect from Laser Hair Removal

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Posted February 29, 2016 in News

What to Expect from Laser Hair RemovalIs hair removal a prickly problem? Razor bumps, ingrown and red irritated areas are some annoying side effects of shaving for those with sensitive skin.

It all grows back too quickly and even hours after traditional shaving, individuals are left with that feeling of stubble rather than that desired smooth, soft feel.

We offer a more permanent solution with Laser Hair removal Northern Virginia. Get the answers to common questions asked on what to expect from laser hair removal.

Need information on Laser Removal Cost?

Laser removal costs can vary depending on package of sessions and the size of the area to be treated. Hair Removal Laser prices range from $100-$150 for a single session for a small area such as the lip or chin to $600-800 for a package of sessions. Single session prices can go up to $500 for the largest of areas, with package prices reaching $2,000.

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Individual feelings of discomfort vary. Laser hair removal can feel like a sharp, rubber-band like snap against the skin. Each time the laser zaps a hair follicle, there will be a lightning-fast feeling of discomfort that occurs along with the procedure.

Some areas, such as the upper lip, have a heightened sensitivity. Women that are close to or experiencing their menstrual cycle will also be prone to feeling more discomfort.

This is typical of other hair removal methods, like waxing, as well. Discomfort reduces over time as there are fewer hair follicles that are detected by the machine with continual use.


Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Laser hair removal is meant to be used for hair reduction in an area. Individual results vary. Most people experiences significant hair reduction in 3-7 sessions.

For many, this reduction is permanent but touch-ups may be necessary as hormonal changes can bring up new growth. Women who become pregnant, go through menopause, or use a hormone treatment, may find they experience increased hair growth and require additional treatments to maintain the look that they desire.

Looking for Information on Laser Hair Removal Side Effects?

Once a person receives a treatment, the treated area can appear reddened and feel as if it is sunburned. Use of compresses and moisturizer can help. Fewer people experience blisters.

This is more likely to occur for those with dark complexions. On rare occasions, scarring and skin color changes have been reported. The majority of people experience little, if any, lasting side effects from the procedure.

When receiving a hair removal laser session, it is important to apply sunscreen for the following month to reduce the likelihood of any skin color changes.

For the most effective results, do not tweeze, epilate, or wax the area currently undergoing treatment. The laser removal machine needs to see the hair follicle in order to treat it. Shaving is the only option available to use during the time of treatment.

Laser Hair Removal Loudon County

Northern Virginia residents can turn to NOVA Plastic Surgerys med spa for additional advice on laser hair removal as a permanent way to reduce unwanted hair. Find out more about laser hair removal treatment, packages and the type of candidates that receive the best long-term results.

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