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What to Consider When Contemplating a Breast Augmentation

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Posted February 03, 2020 in Breast

Breast Augmentation in Northern Virginia
The single most important step you can take when considering breast augmentation surgery is doing adequate research. Patients are most satisfied with their results when they make an informed decision and know what to expect prior to scheduling their surgery. Here are the most important things to consider when you explore breast augmentation in Northern Virginia.

#1 – The sky is not the limit

While many women do their research and come to their consultation with their preferences in hand, the volume and profile of your breast implant will depend largely on your anatomy. During your consultation appointment, your surgeon will measure the width of your breast to determine which implant sizes will work for your body. If you have ample breast width, you’ll be given more options and more freedom to choose the volume and shape that works best for you. However, those with narrower breast widths may have as few as 2 implants to choose from. Some surgeons may tell you otherwise, but be cautious about moving forward as additional risks accompany implants that are wider than the existing breast.

#2 – It doesn’t have to be painful

Many of our patients express anxiety about pain during recovery, but with the right treatment plan, breast augmentation recovery can be nearly painless. Patients who undergo breast augmentation surgery at Nova Plastic Surgery typically describe their recovery as comfortable and as expected, even when the implant is placed under the muscle. Muscle soreness and tenderness at the incision site are the most common complaints during recovery. However, there’s no guarantee – some patients experience more pain.

#3 – Your implants take some time to settle

If you’re seeking breast augmentation surgery prior to a major event – like your wedding or your first modeling gig – give yourself ample time to heal. When you first remove your bandages, your under-the-muscle implants will sit high on your chest in an unnatural position. Over time, your chest muscles relax and the implants drop into a more natural position, usually beginning around 4 weeks after surgery and improving over the next several months.

#4 – Bras won’t fit the same

Trying on bras in person, getting fitted by an expert, and seeking out implant-friendly bra-makers are often the new normal for women with breast implants, and even more so for women with higher profile implants. If your incisions are under the breast, underwires may be uncomfortable for a few weeks or even permanently. Plan to take a bra-shopping trip a few months after surgery and do your research to find implant-friendly stores in advance to avoid frustration. Clothes, on the other hand, may fit better than ever before if you had very small breasts and troubles with fit prior to surgery.

#5 – The most important factor is the surgeon

Choosing a board-certified surgeon in a well-known and highly recommended practice is critical to achieving the results you’re looking for. Ask for before-and-after photos and try to find someone pictured with a build similar to yours. Ask for references, read online reviews, and check the practice’s Better Business Bureau score and accreditation if possible. Tour the clinic in advance to ensure cleanliness and professionalism.

#6 – The most important factor in satisfaction is expectation

As is the case for most surgical procedures, having realistic expectations about your surgical experience, recovery, and the final result will drive your overall satisfaction with your experience. That means it’s critically important that you discuss your goals and expectations with your surgeon prior to scheduling surgery to give him or her the opportunity to explore whether they can help you meet those goals.
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