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How Does the VISIA® Complexion Analysis Work?

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Posted September 21, 2016 in News

Perhaps one of the most scrutinized physical characteristics, the skin is viewed as a reflection of your health and vigor. When the body’s largest organ receives the proper care, it will appear as smooth and attractive. In addition to eating a healthy diet, getting regular exercise and drinking sufficient water, you also need to use skin care products designed for your particular skin type and condition.
The right products will reduce the appearance of acne and other blemishes. Having clear, smooth skin, especially on your face, will help to boost your self-confidence because you will no longer worry about your appearance when other people look at you. Taking care of your skin also makes you look younger because it reduces age spots, wrinkles and fine lines. A VISIA® complexion analysis is the best way to determine the most effective skin care regimen for your particular situation.
Originally developed as a research tool, the computer-controlled VISIA® complexion analysis system uses multispectral imaging to scan the skin and capture key visual information. During the process, the system analyzes eight separate areas that can affect the health and appearance of your skin. Within a few minutes, the system measures pigmentation, pore size and texture as well as wrinkles, UV spots, sun damage and the presence of bacteria.
The system uses built-in positioning aids and standardized lighting to record cross-polarized, UV photographic images that measure the condition of your skin’s surface. The VISIA® system also has a magnification tool that enables the medical professional to take a closer look.
Once the scan is complete, the qualitative assessment can be compared to the features of other individuals of the same age, sex and skin type to provide a relative evaluation of the condition of your skin. Percentile scores are used to rank your skin condition in relationship to others in your peer group.
After the skin examination, the medical professional will provide you with a printed, easy-to-understand report. This comparison is used to develop a personalized skin care and rejuvenation program.
Objectively evaluating the condition of your skin is an essential component in selecting the proper products for your skin care needs. The use of the VISIA® complexion analysis system can help you achieve healthier, more beautiful, younger-looking skin.
Whether you suffer from skin conditions that make you feel uncomfortable or just want healthier-looking skin, schedule a consultation at Nova Plastic Surgery. We will discuss your individual situation and, with the assistance of the VISIA® complexion analysis, create a skin care program that will improve your complexion and quality of life. We have offices in Haymarket and Ashburn. Contact us today to book your appointment.

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