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Revitalize Your Skin with HydraFacial MD

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Posted September 19, 2016 in News

As we age and mature, our facial skin just doesn’t seem capable of keeping up. Wrinkles and folds, discolored patches and an inability to retain natural moisture gives us an older, less healthy appearance. Several treatment procedures are available to restore a more youthful look, but some of these involve surgery while others are accomplished through harsh abrasion. A total revitalization technique is needed for our skin to regenerate in such a way that we actually look younger. Exfoliation, extraction, nutrient delivery and the lifting away of dead and damaged skin cells is necessary.
The HydraFacial MD treatment includes all of these measures. It’s a totally new way to turn back the aging clock, and the benefits include increased collagen production and a more even toned appearance without dynamic wrinkles.
A Multi-Step Procedure
As skin becomes less able to breathe properly, it can become brittle. Clogged pores are difficult to clean out using over-the-counter products. Dead skin cells also collect in pores and mix with the body’s natural oils. This causes discolorations as well as dried out facial skin. The HydraFacial MD treatment takes care of those clogged pores once and for all.
The upper skin, or epidermis, is full of dead and damaged cells that make our face look glossy or dull. It’s important to lift this layer away without harming the lower dermal layers. A harsh chemical peel can actually discolor the skin. On the other hand, the gentle HydraFacial MD procedure removes damaged tissues without harming the underlying tissues, and it can be completed in just 20 minutes.
How the HydraFacial MD Treatment Works
First of all, we exfoliate the treatable area using a special serum. This loosens cells that are damaged and also removes foreign material. After the exfoliation step, we perform a simple peel using glycolic and salicylic acids. This removes the upper epidermis without scaling or blistering.
Next, we use a suction method to extract material from clogged pores. We then perform a chemical boost procedure that involves the delivery of special compounds to address certain skin issues. Finally, we apply a nourishing serum that contains antioxidants and peptides as well as hyaluronic acid.
We use a special machine that has a monitoring station and several hoses. We even adjust the dosages of serums and peel chemicals for an individual patient, meaning that the procedure is truly custom-designed.
Advantages of the HydraFacial MD Treatment
The idea behind any sort of facial skin revitalizing treatment is to promote healthier skin growth. An increase in collagen and elastin, the elimination of clogged pores and the introduction of special nutrients to the new skin growth make the HydraFacial MD treatment a complete rejuvenation procedure.
Unlike skin repositioning, such as a facelift, the HydraFacial MD multi-step procedure actually stimulates healthier skin growth. The positive results often last for more than one year.
Are You a Candidate?
Find out if the revolutionary HydraFacial MD treatment is right for you by scheduling your own personal consultation with our experts at Nova Plastic Surgery. You’ll get all the facts about how the procedure works, making it easy to decide whether this is the revitalizing treatment you’ve been looking for. We have locations in Ashburn and Haymarket. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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