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Tips For Helping Your Skin Recover From Winter

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Posted March 19, 2014 in News

shutterstock_105234755-255x300-150x150Winter is very harsh on the skin- the cold temperatures and drying indoor heat lead to dry skin, cracking, rough skin texture, and redness. Spring time is coming, which means now is the perfect time to take steps to help your skin recover from all the effects of the harsher winter weather. There are steps you can take at home, as well as cosmetic procedures in the office that are available.

The first thing you can do is switch to a stronger moisturizer. If your skin is cracking or has other signs of visible dryness, your moisturizer isnt strong enough. We carry EltaMD skincare products, including a very effective moisturizer that is strong enough to be used after certain cosmetic procedures. We also carry a nighttime moisturizer that strengthens your skins natural moisture barrier, which you can lose in the dryness of winter.

Installing a humidifier in your home and office during the winter-to-spring transition will also help your skin recover, and protect it from further drying due to indoor heat. A humidifier replaces moisture in the air lost through the use of climate control, helping your skin maintain its normal moisture barrier.

Once youre using the correct skin care, consider a laser facial to get rid of any remaining patches of rough skin. A laser facial uses heat to remove the damaged upper layer of your skin, revealing the newer, smoother skin underneath. This is an excellent option for those whose skin isnt responding to a change in skin care, or who spend a lot of time indoors where climate control continues to dry out their skin.

If winter has caused redness in your skin that isnt going away with climate change or skin care, or exposure to winter sun has brought up age spots, an IPL/BBL treatment might be right for you. An IPL uses light waves to treat redness, hyperpigmentation, age spots, and uneven skin tone. The light waves cause controlled and purposeful damage under the top layer of your skin, causing the skin to generate new skin that reduces the appearance of those issues. IPL treatments usually require more than one session, so starting now will help ensure that your issues are resolved before summer!

If you have any questions about springtime skin care in Northern Virginia or would like to purchase new skin care products to help your skin recovery from winters effects, please call our offices at (703) 574-2588.

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