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Tips for Facelift Recovery

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Posted April 07, 2014 in News

Facelift RecoveryA facelift is a cosmetic procedure that takes years off your face. It involves the lifting of sagging facial skin, muscle, fat, and other tissues, returning it to a higher spot on the face and eliminating jowling, sags, and deep wrinkles on the lower portion of the face. Facelifts are popular every year, among both women and men. Facelift recovery, may involve patients taking off about ten days from work in order to recover. Here are a few tips for making your recovery easier and more comfortable:

  • For the first few days after the procedure, sleep elevated instead of flat on your back by using a few extra pillows. This keeps fluid from accumulating in the face, which can keep swelling down. You should also avoid washing your hair in the first few days of recovery, since the incisions are behind the hairline and the water and washing motion can disturb the stitches. Wear button-down shirts so you dont have to pull anything over your head when youre getting dressed.

  • Be gentle when brushing your hair, and dont start brushing it until your doctor gives you the go-ahead.

  • Get up and walk a bit the day after surgery to promote circulation and prevent blood clots and to decrease swelling. Dont do vigorous exercise, just make sure youre up and about for a few minutes.

  • Stay out of the sauna until youre cleared by the surgeon. Stay out of the gym until you get the OK, as well.

  • Once youre cleared by your surgeon, begin applying sunscreen whenever you leave the house. The sun is one of the most dangerous sources of damage to the skin, and can lead to premature aging of your newly young-looking face.

  • Keep in mind that the incisions can take up to a year to fade completely. In the meantime, if any are visible, you can cover them with makeup once they are healed, or arrange your hair to cover them.

  • Take a full two weeks off work if you want to avoid being seen before the swelling and any bruising is completely gone. You might be free of swelling and bruising before then, but better safe than sorry!

Following your doctors post-operative instructions is the best way to make your recovery easy and to prevent any complications from arising. While most patients are back to normal within two weeks, your tissues will continue to settle into their new permanent position for up to one year after the surgery. Most patients will be able to see their final results in about three months.

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