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Reverse the Signs of Aging With a Facelift

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Posted May 28, 2012 in News

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The visible signs of aging on the face and neck come in many forms. The most obvious sign of aging is wrinkles, which commonly occur around the eyes and between the nose and mouth. Other signs of aging on the face and neck include jowl formation, sagging cheeks, loose skin under the jaw, and shifting fatty deposits.
While non-surgical procedures are excellent for preventing severe signs of aging and combatting them on a less dramatic level, nothing will give you results as profound as a facelift (also known as a rhytidectomy).
Patients can select from a traditional facelift, a limited facelift, and a neck lift. Your surgeon will describe the differences between each procedure in depth, and help you select the one that will best deliver the results you want. No matter which procedure you select, each one involves the removal of excess skin for a tighter, younger, fresher appearance.
Traditional Facelift
A traditional facelift involves an incision at the hairline. The incision can run up above the temples and down around the earlobe. This gives the surgeon access to the underlying tissues, including muscles, which he can then tighten. The surgeon may also reposition the fat in the face at this point.
Once the tissues are lifted, the surgeon repositions the skin, removing any sags. Excess skin will be removed. Secondary incisions may be made at the chin, or around the eyelids.
Limited Facelift
A limited facelift involves a smaller incision around the temples or the ear, or around the eyelid. The smaller incision leads to a short recovery time and a less dramatic change in your appearance.
Neck Lift
A neck lift involves improving the look of jowls, a double chin, or saggy skin around the neck and chin area. This procedure requires an incision at the base of the earlobe that runs down and back into the lower hairline and scalp. The tissues are lifted and fat redeposited to give the neck and chin a tighter and more youthful look.
The placement of the incisions in all three forms of the procedure allow the surgeon to hide any scars in the hairline. The natural contours of the earlobe and scalp will also help to conceal any incision lines left over from the procedure.
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