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Preparing for Plastic Surgery

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Posted June 18, 2012 in News

Plastic surgery is like any other surgery in that it takes preparation and recovery time (of course, that varies from procedure to procedure). There are a few things that are common to all surgeries, and all plastic surgeries. These are preparatory steps that a patient can take to prepare for plastic surgery. These steps may give you a more desirable outcome, lessen your recovery time, and reduce the risk of complications.
Quit Smoking
Smoking increases your risk of developing infections, pneumonia, and death of tissues after surgery. The chemicals in cigarettes and cigars closes the blood vessels, which prevents the body from brining oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to the surgical site. Closed blood vessels also prevents the blood stream from carrying away waste from the surgical site. All of this can lead to infection and slower recovery.
Procedures that pose a particularly high risk for smokers include tummy tucks and face lifts, or any other procedure that involves alteration of the blood supply.
Even if you dont completely quit before surgery, it is a good idea to stop smoking for at least three weeks before the surgery date, and for three weeks after. This will give your body plenty of time to recover and heal.
Get in Shape
The healthier you are before your surgery, the faster and more effectively it will heal afterwards. It is important to get in as good a shape as possible before your surgical date. Talk to your surgeon and a personal trainer about your upcoming procedure, and make a plan to work on the areas that would be most beneficial.
If youre having body work done, its a good idea to stabilize your weight before the procedure. Some procedures lose their desired appearance if your weight fluctuates greatly afterwards, like breast lifts or liposuction. Talk to your doctor about what weight is best for your body type, and get to that weight before the surgery.
Eat Well
Cells that are equipped with proper nutrition heal faster. Evaluate your diet and try to cut back on unnecessary sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and processed foods. Increase the amount of fiber and protein youre consuming, and snack on fresh fruits and vegetables. Talk to your doctor about whether a cleanse would be appropriate for you before your surgery.
Your Medications
There are a number of medications to avoid before having surgery. Make sure to tell your surgeon all the medications you take, as well as any supplements. Your doctor can then make any necessary adjustments before the procedure. Some doctors will ask you to stop taking vitamin supplements like garlic, vitamin E, or ginseng a week before surgery because they can encourage bleeding.
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