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Plastic Surgery for Men: The Trend of the Future

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Posted May 03, 2011 in News

As it turns out, plastic surgery isnt just for the ladies any longer! More and more men are turning to plastic surgery due to societal pressures for their gender to look younger and hide their true age. It is no longer only women that feel the pressure to look younger; men all over the United States are using cosmetic surgical treatments to reduce, refine, and reshape different areas of their bodies.
The Fountain of Youth
Many men believe that in business they need to look young and healthy in order to be successful. These same men have had areas of their face tightened to reduce wrinkles with procedures like neck and chin lifts. Overall, facelifts have gone up 14% in males, with the most popular procedures including liposuction, eyelid surgery, pinning ears back, and removing leg veins. [1] On top of that, it is not just the businessman that is looking for cosmetic improvements. Men interested in plastic surgery today range from teachers to students to athletes to construction workers hoping to beat the clock and maintain a youthful appearance.
According to statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 1.1 million men underwent cosmetic procedures in 2010 alone. Many are being performed in Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC by board certified plastic surgeons.
Differences in Male Plastic Surgery
When it comes to treating men in a cosmetic procedure, their anatomy is different than that of a woman. Their muscles are often thicker, and they may have different chemical reactions in their body. These differences will not necessarily cause complications within a procedure, but a man may be more likely to choose a different procedure or an altered version of a procedure as opposed to a woman. In general men have a slightly higher risk of bleeding after plastic surgery, due to the larger vessels they have compared to women.
Here are some popular plastic surgery procedures commonly chosen by men:

  • Neck Lift: More and more men hope to remove their turkey neck, appearing as sagging excess skin on the neck. A neck lift will remove excess muscle and fat located in the chin or jaw. Fortunately, sideburns and a beard can easily help to cover small scars when a man undergoes this type of procedure.
  • Hair Transplant: A common surgical treatment used today for balding is hair micro-grafting. Nowadays, several hair shafts will be implanted individually so that the final result is more natural and much less obvious than years ago. (This procedure is not being performed at NOVA Plastic Surgery, and Dr Nukta advises patients to seek the expertise of a surgeon dedicated to hair transplant)
  • Liposuction: Liposuction is often used by men to reduce their breast size or remove love handles. Men often see better results with general liposuction since their skin tends to have better elasticity than womens.

The good news for men today considering plastic surgery is that men are becoming more and more open about admitting to plastic surgery treatments. People of all genders today want to look and feel their best, often deciding that the best solution is to rely upon cosmetic surgery to help them appear fresher and more youthful in their business and personal lives.
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