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Nonsurgical Options: Dermal Fillers

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Posted May 16, 2012 in News

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Dermal fillers are an excellent non-surgical option for patients who want to appear younger using a quick and less invasive treatment. Dermal fillers are injectables, and the treatment has little to no down time, giving patients the look they want without the repercussions of surgery.

As we discuss in our “Fillers” section, dermal fillers involve injections of a selected substance into the wrinkle or fold that you want to fill. Fillers can also be used to plump up lips that have lost volume due to aging. The most common area for injecting a filler is around the lips (to remove wrinkles that cause lipstick bleed), and in the nasolabial folds between the nose and mouth.
Getting the Injections
One site may require more than one injection in order to achieve the desired result. The treatment only takes a few minutes, making it easy for you to do on a long lunch break or at the end of a work day.
Once the surgeon has discussed your filler options and you have made a selection, he may make small marks on your face to map out the injections. The area will be disinfected with an antibacterial. The surgeon may treat the area with a mild, topical anesthetic (or there may be anesthetic mixed into the filler) in order to combat any discomfort from the injections.
Once the injections are complete, you are free to put on makeup and return to your busy day. You will just need to take care that you do not apply too much pressure, which may cause the filler to shift. You may have a bit of swelling or bruising. If so, it fades within a few days. You may also have an overfilled look, which will also resolve itself.
Types of Dermal Fillers
There are both temporary and semi-permanent dermal fillers. The body will absorb both over time, so even with semi-permanent fillers, you will need repeat treatments eventually.
Popular fillers like Restalyne and Juvederm are hyaluronic acid fillers. Hyaluronic acid is actually a natural substance found in several points of the human body (but the fillers dont come from animal sources). The injected gel acts as a cushion under the skin, supporting it and removing the wrinkle or fold. Hyaluronic acid also works to bring water to the surface of the skin, combatting the dry skin that can come with aging.
Another popular filler, Radiesse, is made from calcium hydroxylapatite, a substance found in human bones. This filler is generally used on the deepest wrinkles, or to create fullness in the cheeks. The gel is water-based.
Visit our fillers page for more information and to see a 3D animation of this procedure.
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