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Is migraine surgery for me?

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Posted February 20, 2011 in News

What is migraine surgery?
It is a revolutionary surgery that has been changing migraine victims lives. Through highly specialized techniques, plastic surgeons are using a combination of Botox and surgery to alleviate symptoms or rid patients from this chronic condition.
Am I candidate for migraine surgery?
You are a candidate for consideration for migraine surgery if:

  1. You have been diagnosed and treated by a neurologist
  2. You suffer from more than 2 migraines a week
  3. You suffer from medicinal side effects
  4. You are a compliant patient and are committed to improve your life

How does it work?
Migraine surgery is based on findings that certain nerves in the head and neck can be pinched by muscles and ligaments that they run through. With time these nerves become irritated and inflamed and this starts a cascade of events that leads to a migraine attack. The principle of the surgery is to first, precisely identify which nerves are being pinched in order to release the compression through small hidden incisions in the eyelids or behind the hairline.
What does it involve?

  1. Keep a diary of migraines for one month, documenting exactly where most migraines are starting
  2. Meet with the plastic surgeon, the surgeon would evaluate your migraine diary and give you Botox in certain areas if indicated (Botox is a temporarily muscle relaxant, which takes the pressure of the nerve)
  3. Meet with the plastic surgeon six weeks after the injection to determine if Botox worked, If it did then you are a candidate for surgery
  4. Surgery involves same day procedure, during which compressed nerves are released
  5. Enjoy life without debilitating migraines

Does it work?
Several studies showed that in 30% of patients the migraines are completely eliminated. However, more than 85% witness significant improvement
How do I learn more about migraine surgery?
You can learn much about migraine surgery at or you can call our experienced staff for more information.

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