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5 Tips For Choosing The Best Plastic Surgeon For You

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Posted March 01, 2011 in News

Best cosmetic surgeons and plastic surgeons

If youre looking for the best of the best when it comes to cosmetic surgeons in Virginia, it definitely pays to do your research. For so many people, researching their options in plastic surgery is a serious matter, especially when you hear horror stories of people getting plastic surgery from an unlicensed doctor in their home or garage.

If you want to avoid wasting money and especially any dangers to your health, its important to keep these top 5 tips in mind when considering a plastic surgeon:
1. Board Certified: Seeking out board certified plastic surgeons in Virginia is nonnegotiable. These board-certified plastic surgeons have undergone extensive training for up to six years after medical school; on top of that, they have gone through rigorous testing in order to receive the certification that they well deserve. The board certification has to be in plastic surgery, from the American board of surgery, as it is the only organization to certify plastic surgeons. Dont be fooled by other physicians who may use other organizations not recognized by the American board of surgeons, like the American academy of cosmetic surgery. Unfortunately many societies will give a certificate to non plastic surgeons after completing a weekend course and paying some fees.
2. Hands-On Experience: The next tip when searching for the best cosmetic surgeons in Virginia is to look for a surgeon that has extensive experience with the specific procedure that you are looking for. Its also a good idea to request to see pictures of a surgeons work so that you can determine if you like the results that you see in other patients. This maybe more difficult in some practices, depending on their patients confidentiality arrangements.
3. Education: Today, patients expect their doctors to be an educator within their field. When you are researching cosmetic surgeons in Virginia, make sure to ask for educational material at your consultation to see how much relevant information your surgeon provides. If any practice specializing in plastic surgery Northern Virginia refuses or is unable to provide you with educational materials about your procedure then you should be careful that that practice does not routinely perform that procedure.
4. References: Talk with any friends who have used cosmetic surgeons to see what their experiences were like. If several friends had a bad experience with a specific surgeon, then that is another red flag to take into consideration! Its always important to work with a surgeon with good references and positive word-of-mouth to ensure that you are in good hands.
5. Relationship: It is never a good idea to use a cosmetic surgeon that you dont like or get along with. If a plastic surgeon is condescending, unfriendly, or doesnt have a good bedside manner, then its best to move on and find one of the many cosmetic surgeons in Virginia that you can trust. In the off chance that you have any complications, you definitely want a surgeon that you feel comfortable with to help you fully recover!
Plastic surgery provides more options than ever, which is why it is always to your advantage to do your homework in choosing the right plastic surgeon to meet your needs. Yes, there are many board certified plastic surgeons in Virginia, but when you use the criteria above, you can walk away from your surgery with the results that you are hoping for.
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