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Choosing A MedSpa

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Posted November 21, 2016 in News

Choosing a medspa or medical spa that you can trust with your body and face can be a tough one. You want a place that is going to take care of your needs and help you achieve your goals, but at the same time do it safely through well trained providers. This blog post help you look for things you should definitely find in a medical spa.
plastic surgery office and medical spa in ashburn VA      plastic surgery office and medical spa in ashburn VA 2plastic surgery office and medical spa in ashburn VA 1

1- Who is doing
the treatments: the medical spa industry regulations are very different depending on state and localities. It is very important to know who is doing the service and who is the medical director. For example: a medspa were services are performed by nurse practitioners and physicians assistants and where the medical director is a board certified plastic surgeon or a dermatologist, are much superior to those where services are provided by nurses and the medical director is a gynecologist or a primary care physician.
2- Don’t forget the “Medical” in medspa: Even if they are offering services that are supposed to make you feel and look better at the end of the day medspas are medical facilities and are held to the standards of medical practice. So make sure you look for things you expect from your medical doctor’s office. How clean are they in handling instruments. Are they asking about any medical conditions you suffer from or any medications you are currently taking. If the place feels more like your hair stylist salon than your doctor then you need to be careful.
3- You don’t have to completely forget about the “spa” in medspa: What we mentioned above does not mean that you need to completely ignore the aesthetics of the place. After all you want to get pampered a little bit. So don’t feel that the place looks exactly like your OB/GYN office. Places that are too medical looking usually indicate that fillers, Botox and lasers are not a priority on the list and providers there usually have less experience and less exposure to the demands of such procedures.
4- What range of services do they offer: If you call a med spa and the only thing they offer is Botox and Fillers but not lasers or BBL or even the ability to see a plastic surgeon then you can tell that this place is probably a day spa that is trying to dable in the medical spa industry or a regular doctor’s office that is trying to decide whether it is something to take seriously. The place you choose needs to offer a wide range of options so you know they will choose what is best for you and not what is available to them.
5- Cheaper is not necessarily better: Who doesn’t like a deal. But sometime you get what you pay for. Cheaper deals can be the result of: less experienced staff trying to get more procedures done to gain that much needed experience, less qualified providers, or outdated machines and devices. So do your homework and make sure you know why place A charges half of what place B charges for the same service. Be careful, though as inflated prices are not always warranted.

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