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What are the benefits of Retinol?

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Posted November 21, 2016 in News

benefits of Retinol

Most everyone has heard of Retinol at some time or another.  If you browse the skin care aisle at your local Target or pharmacy, you will find a wide variety of products promising to smooth wrinkles, all containing Retinol.

So what is Retinol and what is the benefits of Retinol?  And more importantly, how can you use Retinol to reap the benefits that it has to offer?

Retinol is a very effective product to treat signs of aging such as pigmentation, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

It is a product that has been available for quite a long time and has a proven record of safety and efficacy, although there are some people who should not use Retinol such as pregnant women.

Retinol works by causing surface skin cells to turn over and shed more rapidly, which allows new cells to grow more quickly.

By doing this, retinol helps to slow the breakdown of collagen and thicken the deeper layer of skin where wrinkles get their start.  It also helps to improve sun spots, age spots and acne.  With all of these benefits, why isn’t everyone using Retinol?

Many people have either had a bad experience with Retinol products or heard of those who have.  Most of those who have had bad effects from Retinol weren’t properly instructed on how to use the product and this may have led to redness and irritation that they interpreted as a sign that Retinol doesn’t work for their skin.

However, most people will find that if they use Retinol properly their skin will tolerate the product and they can have the benefits of better skin that Retinol can bring.

There are some people who cannot or shouldn’t use Retinol however.  Most notably women who are pregnant, may become pregnant or are breastfeeding should absolutely avoid Retinol.  There are also some people with very sensitive or dry skin who truly cannot tolerate Retinols.

When you first start using a Retinol you should start low and go slow.  At NOVA Plastic Surgery, we have multiple strengths available and we can start you on a lower strength to get your skin adjusted to being on a Retinol.

Retinol is only to be used at night and should be applied right after cleansing the skin.  Using Retinol during the day is not effective and is possibly harmful to the skin.

You should start out only using the lower strength Retinol every 2-3 nights and gradually increase the frequency over weeks to months.  If you start to notice your skin is getting sensitive, red or dry, you can skip a night or two.

As your skin gets adjusted and starts to tolerate the product better, you can increase the frequency.  Eventually we can then step up the strength of the Retinol also.

Retinol is an over the counter version of the prescription medication Tretinoin.  Retinol comes in varying strengths, with the Retinols available over the counter being the weaker strengths.

At NOVA Plastic Surgery we carry the Skinceuticals line of products, which includes a medical grade Retinol.  If you have ever wondered if Retinol is right for you, come in for a skin care consultation and we can discuss your concerns and the best skin care regimen for you!  Taking care of your skin is an investment and you will be glad you did it!
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Written by Sherri Anderson

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