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Breast Implants and Pregnancy

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Posted July 08, 2012 in Breast, News

Pregnant woman stretching Women experience profound changes in their body during pregnancy, and that can include their breasts. Some womens breasts increase in size or change in sensitivity. Some women plan to breastfeed once the baby is born. No matter how your body is genetically programmed to change during pregnancy, women with implants want to know how their augmentation will affect their pregnancy and breastfeeding ability.
The first thing you should know is that breast implants will not interfere with your pregnancy in any way. The implants (whether they are saline or silicone) are medical devices that wont harm you during pregnancy or at any other time.
Also, your breasts may continue to change even if you have implants. They may get larger, softer, harder, or otherwise change in appearance or feeling. This will not affect the implants. You should still be on the lookout for normal complications associated with implants, such as leakage.
After pregnancy, many women see sagging or loss of volume in their breasts. Women with breast implants lose less volume after pregnancy, so they generally see less sagging and alteration of breast shape. Your breasts should maintain a perkier appearance than they would if you never had the implants. Pregnant women with breast implants may also experience less stretch marks on the breasts, since the breast volume does not change as drastically as it does in women without implants.
So, breast implants wont affect you or your baby during pregnancy. Your breasts may still get larger, but after you have the baby, you wont experience the volume loss and sagging commonly associated with a post-baby body. But what about breastfeeding?
Most women who have breast implants can still breastfeed. Those who have the implants placed behind the muscle are even more likely to be able to breastfeed because the muscle acts as a barrier between the milk ducts and the implant. Women with incisions around the nipples are more likely to have difficulties because of possible injury to the nerve in that area; however, having an incision around the nipple does not automatically mean that you wont be able to breastfeed.
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