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Breast Augmentation: Present and Future

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Posted August 04, 2011 in News

If youve ever considered a breast augmentation, youll be pleased to know that the future of breast enhancements is changing dramatically.
Women have always hoped to be able to move extra fat from their waists or thighs to enhance their breasts. Thanks to new technique developments in breast augmentation, a womans own body fat can now be used in a trademarked procedure called fat grafting, or lipostructure.

This fat grafting can be used to enlarge and reshape breast tissue for a natural, fuller result.
Of course, plastic surgeons have been performing fat transplants for breast augmentation since the mid-90s, but the results have not been solid since a proper technique was not established. Dr. Sydney Coleman, M.D., paved the way by injecting fat tissue into breasts through a process of fat grafting in 1995. This enabled a womans own body fat to be transferred to her breasts for natural augmentation and permanent enhancement.
Fat grafting is an ideal alternative to breast implants since it provides a natural, full look without the obvious rippling often caused by saline implants or silicone gel.
How Does Fat Grafting Work?
Fat grafting works through two different procedures done on the same day.

  1. First of all, fat tissue is harvested from fat deposits in the body with a small syringe.
  2. Second, the harvested fat is carefully injected into small incisions in the breast tissue.

The benefits to the breast fat transfer include:

  • Using a natural substance that comes from a womans own body.
  • Naturally harvested fat can enhance breast shape.
  • Fat grafting will sculpt and shape breasts to enlarge their size.
  • Only minor incisions are made to reduce scarring.
  • Fat grafting can be used to disguise unnatural breast implants.

Breast augmentation done through fat grafting takes longer than a traditional breast implant procedure. On average, a fat grafting breast enhancement will take 4 to 6 hours. It takes extra time to harvest the fragile fat tissue and safely inject it into the breast for a natural, attractive look.
The disadvantages to fat grafting include that a patient will have to continue to monitor her breasts for breast cancer. As with any other type of breast surgery, lumps and calcifications can occur, so it is important that the patient undergoes regular mammograms to protect her health and detect early signs of breast cancer.
If youre interested in fat grafting, its best to consult an experienced surgeon to see the best results. Its important that breast fat grafting is only performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon with hands-on experience in both breast augmentation and fat grafting.
Are You a Candidate for Fat Grafting?
Women who are healthy with excess body fat and considering silicone or saline breast implants are ideal candidates for the procedure. Its also important that a woman has regular mammograms to protect her breast health before and after undergoing fat transfer breast augmentation. On average, fat grafting costs anywhere from $20,000-$30,000 and requires the recovery time of one week.
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