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BBL Treatment at NOVA Plastic Surgery in Virginia

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Posted December 12, 2013 in News

BBL Treatment

BBL, also know as IPL, is a versatile and popular method of treating a variety of skin complaints, from age spots to acne scarring to fine lines. Here is a quick video of our own Board Certified plastic surgeon Dr. Nukta demonstrating the quickness and ease of use of our BBL machine. He’ll explain how the BBL can be used to target a number of different skin issues, and show you how it’s done on a real patient. Notice how quickly the session is completed, and how comfortable the patient is throughout! To schedule your consultation with Dr. Fadi Nukta, call our office at (703) 574-2588.

“BBL treatment, or broadband light treatment, is an intense phototherapy that helps reduce age spots and the general redness that some people have. The treatment an be used for different indications based on different needs for the patient. We control what kind of lesion or spot that we’re targeting by adjusting the filters on the machine. Each filter is designed for a certain wavelength and by choosing the appropriate filter, for example in this case it’s going to be 560, which usually targets the fine wrinkles but also the red vascular lesions – these little spots the little veins that some people have around their nose and as we get older we have them on our cheeks and gives a general red look to the cheek. IPL/BBL is a very intense light so the first thing we have to do is protect the patient’s eyes from the light, it’s just very bright. We put a thin layer of gel to create the contact point between the machine and the patient’s face. We’re gonna put more of a layer on the surfaces that we’re gonna target more such as the little blood vessels here. So now that we put the ultrasonic gel on, we’re gonna start with the forehead – I usually do the forehead, the nose, the cheeks, and finish with the lips and chin.

Now if we change the filter, for example to target brown spots or hair or acne scars, the light will be the same but the difference is the filter inside is different and that’s what gives you different results. Okay that’s it and that was BBL. So usually it takes a few days to see the effects and repeated treatments once very 6 weeks to twelve weeks is recommended. A study showed that people who used BBL for 10 years looked 10 years younger than they would’ve without it, which I think is a huge finding. So we’re gonna wash your face, put on some moisturizer and you’re all set. A little bit of redness, a very small amount of patients will have a little blistering but that’s usually not the case it’s just redness for a few days. Thank you.”

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