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9 Reasons Liposuction Might Be Right for You

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Posted April 29, 2019 in Body

Woman pinching her thigh fat
Liposuction remains the No. 2 cosmetic procedure in the US with over 300,000 people getting it done each year. It’s the most popular procedure among men and second only to breast augmentation for women. When it comes to cosmetic procedures, many women choose liposuction because they know it can help them get the results they want to achieve.
Working with a board-certified plastic surgeon to determine if you’re a good candidate is vital to getting the results you seek. Let’s take a look at nine reasons you may be a good candidate for liposuction in Northern Virginia.

1. You’re normal or slightly overweight

Though some people may think of liposuction for people who have large amounts of fat to lose, the best candidates are normal or slightly overweight on the BMI scale. Liposuction isn’t a way to majorly overhaul the body, although results are quite profound for a good candidate. It’s not a way to treat obesity because even though those fat cells are gone forever, if you gain more than 10 percent of your weight back, new cells can grow and move into the area and existing cells can grow larger.
An obese person would generally have trouble maintaining the results they achieve for any significant length of time after the procedure.
As a good candidate for liposuction in Northern Virginia, you understand that liposuction is transformative in that it contours and slims to achieve the perfect shape. It helps you feel confident in anything you wear at the office, to the beach, or out on the town. A board-certified plastic surgeon can help you achieve this level of perfection.

2. You have diet- & exercise-resistant fat

You eat right and exercise regularly, but because of genetics, you hold more fat in certain areas—maybe the hips, sides, or thighs. It makes you feel and look disproportionate. You may even have to choose a larger size than another person the same weight, height, and muscle tone would. Getting liposuction in Northern Virginia can get rid of even that genetically predisposed fat so that you achieve the look you want to see in the mirror.

3. Your skin has good elasticity

You’ve probably heard the horror stories about people having major fat removal procedures that result in loose and saggy skin. This can scare some people away. But the truth is that if you’re a good candidate for liposuction in Northern Virginia, then you have skin that can adapt to an even more drastic fluctuation in fat cells.
Drink plenty of water, eat well, commence normal exercise once you’re cleared to do so, and elastic skin will do what’s it’s made to do: bounce back.

4. You have minimal cellulite

Cellulite under the skin suggests that your skin may not have the elasticity to bounce back. Ask your board-certified plastic surgeon to evaluate your skin to determine if you’re a good candidate for liposuction.

5. You’re not a smoker or sugar addict

Smoking and overconsumption of sugar both impact the health of your skin. They break down the collagen in your skin, leading to premature aging. If you have liposuction, this may increase the appearance of wrinkles, which is the opposite of what you want. But chances are that if you’ve been a good candidate for liposuction so far according to this list, you’re not smoking or abusing sugar.
Next, let’s look at some desires that make you a good candidate for liposuction in Northern Virginia.

6. You want to feel more confident and comfortable at work

If this is your goal, then liposuction is a cost-effective and effectual way to achieve this. You’ll find this investment in your career and happiness well worth it.

7. You want to preserve your natural beauty

Let’s face it: As you age, it gets harder to maintain the slender, shapely, and/or contoured look you want to achieve. The metabolism starts slowing down.
The average healthy-weight woman will gain 1.5 pounds every year over 40; you have to be increasingly vigilant about adding fat. Liposuction can give you just a little support in your efforts to maintain a look into your 40s and 50s.

8. You’re looking for a treatment that has long-lasting results

A good candidate for liposuction will get long-lasting results because they’re already doing all the right things for their body. The liposuction will simply help nature along.

9. You have a diet and lifestyle in place to maintain your results

Aside from the short downtime after the procedure, there’s no reason to change your healthy lifestyle after liposuction. Because you have this lifestyle in place, you’re a good candidate for results you’ll love indefinitely.

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