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Why Drinking Water Is Essential For Good Skin

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Posted May 23, 2014 in News

shutterstock_69637726-300x239We hear the advice everywhere, from the internet to our own doctors: drink more water. We should all be drinking eight, 8-ounce glasses of water every day in order to stay healthy. Along with the health benefits, drinking water is an essential part of having glowing, young-looking skin- but why? Lets discuss the reasons why drinking water is so important for your skin.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body. All your organs are made of cells, which are largely composed of water. As your cells lose water and it isnt replaced, they start to function less efficiently. In your skin, this translates in dry, itchy, tight sensations, and a heightened appearance of wrinkles. The skin cells are also less plump, which can in turn make you look more gaunt, and make your eyes and cheeks look more sunken. The net effect is that you look older than you are, and more tired, when youre dehydrated.

Your body will also pull water from your tissues (like your skin) when you are dehydrated in order to maintain the correct levels in your bloodstream. This exacerbates the problem of dry skin because it makes the skin even drier, more flaky, and more sunken.

Drinking eight glasses of water a day ensures that your internal organs and bloodstream are sufficiently hydrated, and not pulling water from your skin. It also sends water to your skin cells, plumping them up and increasing functionality, firmness, and elasticity.

You can increase the effect of proper hydration by using a moisturizer. Applying a moisturizer within two minutes of getting out of the shower is especially effective because your pores are still open and will more efficiently absorb the moisturizer you are applying. However, topical applications can only go so far if you are not ingesting the right amount of water for your body.

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