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Who is a Good Candidate for Dermal Fillers?

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Posted March 19, 2013 in News

Dermal fillers are an excellent option for combatting the appearance of volume or fat loss in the face. Volume loss is an aspect of facial aging that involves the natural loss of fat in the face as we get older, which leaves us looking thinner, more tired, and with deeper fine lines and wrinkles.
Dermal fillers themselves are injectable substances (ranging from human fat to collagen) that can be used to plump up then or sunken areas of the face, along with deep wrinkles and expression lines, as well as recessed or pitted scars. Most treatments can be done over a lunch break, and you can return to your normal day after the procedure.

So who is a good candidate for a dermal filler treatment? There is no gender or age restriction, so you can be male or female of any age. The best candidates for this or any other cosmetic procedure are non-smokers with realistic expectations of the results. The reason non-smokers are excellent candidates is because their bodies tend to heal faster, and because the sucking and squinting motions you make when smoking will exacerbate fine lines and wrinkles and make the results less long-lasting.
Good candidates for dermal fillers will have moderate to severe folds or wrinkles, or other problem areas that they do not want to correct with surgery (for example, under eye circles, sunken cheeks, etc.). The procedure is an excellent option for clients who have specific problem areas that do not extend to the rest of the face. For example, if you want to fill in nasolabial folds, but do not feel like they are extreme enough to warrant a face lift.
Patients with a history of extreme allergies might not be good candidates for certain types of injectable fillers because they could lead to an allergic reaction. Your plastic surgeon will go over your medical history and allergen history to determine if there is an injectable option for you that wont lead to a reaction.
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