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Two signs you need a mini Face Lift

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Posted March 13, 2013 in News

mini Face LiftAs we age our faces sag, like pretty much everything else in our bodies, however we age differently and some people benefit from surgery more than others. Face and neck lift are not a magic cure for aging and they work best if used correctly on the right patient. Look in the mirror and see if you have the following signs
1- Jowels: The skin of the face is attached to deeper structures through ligaments (the blue circles). These ligaments do not stretch as much as skin does, so as the skin sags behind these tight ligaments jowels are formed (black arrows). These jowels can dramatically improve with mini Face Lift. This is done through a cut hidden in front of and behind the ears.
2- Platysmal bands: as we get older a very thin muscle (platysma) thickens and sags causing 2 bands in the neck (yellow triangles) these can be improved by tying the two parts of the muscle together through a face/neck lift. This is done through a small cut (1 inch) hidden under your chin.
Addressing these 2 signs of aging can restore many years as it improves the contour of your neck and lower face. It gives you back the nice jaw line you once had. If you have any questions and need us help you determine if you are a candidate for a Face Lift, dont hesitate to call our offices in Ashburn or Haymarket for your plastic surgery consultation with me (Fadi Nukta, MD)

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