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Three Elements of Facial Aging

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Posted January 02, 2013 in News

Combatting facial aging is one of the biggest reasons people pursue plastic surgery in Northern Virginia. Perhaps you cant identify exactly what makes your face look like it is getting older, but you know that you look thinner and perhaps more tired. There are actually three separate components of facial aging that, when combined, make us all look older: volume loss, texture changes, and drooping skin.

Volume Loss
If you look at a babys face and try to pinpoint exactly what makes them so cute, the answer is actually their chubby cheeks. Full cheeks and a full face make us look more youthful and glowing. As we age, we lose fat volume throughout different areas of the face. When we reach adulthood, that volume loss makes us look grown up, but as we move through adulthood and volume loss continues, we can end up looking haggard or exhausted.
Texture Changes
Changes in our skin texture can also make our faces look older than we would like. Texture changes include things like wrinkles or expression lines, skin roughness, dryness, or flaking, acne scarring, and sun damage. All of these texture changes can combine to make our skin look more mature (especially when compared to a young persons line-free, scar-free, dewy skin).
Wrinkles and expression lines are also more noticeable if youre a naturally thin person because you have less fat in your face to fill them in. This is one reason why people who are thinner might look older, faster than those who are less thin.
Skin Droopiness
As we age, our skins production of elastin and collagen slow down. Elastin and collagen are elements of the skin that give it plumpness, firmness, and the ability to return to its original position after you make expressions. The loss of elastin and collagen lead to droopiness in the skin.
This droopiness is most common in the cheeks (development of jowls), the neck, and the upper eyelids. The issue can be exacerbated by a lot of volume loss, which makes the skin looser and more apt to become saggy.
Over the next few months on the blog, well be addressing what procedures and products we offer that will help address your specific facial aging issues. For example, if you have lots of volume loss that is making your face look haggard and tired, we will discuss dermal fillers. Skin texture issues will benefit from a laser treatment. Skin droopiness can benefit from a face lift or brow lift. Each issue will be discussed individually.
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