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Textured or Smooth Breast Implants?

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Posted July 23, 2012 in Breast, News

Fit woman in white braAmong the many options available for customizing your breast augmentation (including implant size, shape, and placement) is the amount of texturizing on the surface of the breast implant. Breast implants come smooth-surfaced, or in various degrees of texturization.
A texturized implant can have tiny grains on the surface that vary in size from visible to the naked eye, to only visible under magnification. The texture of the surface is part of the implant, not something added to the surface after the implant is manufactured. Texturization is build into the surface of the implant.
You can feel the difference between a texturized implant and a smooth one, even if you cant see it. Smooth implants feel almost like the outside of a balloon. Textured implants may feel like a piece of very fine sandpaper. Both smooth and textured implants have their advantages.
Textured Implants
Textured implants were initially thought to decrease the risk of capsular contracture, which is the formation of a hard pocket of scar tissue around the implant that can lead to pain and the need for surgical revision of the augmentation. There is no conclusive evidence that textured implants prevent this. However, the texturization of the surface does keep the implant in place in the breast pocket. If youre using a teardrop implant that can cause the breast shape to look deformed if it shifts, texturized implants can prevent that.
Textured implants are also associated with a higher instance of rippling and leaking. They can be helpful specifically for women who have some droop in their breasts, as the Velcro effect can help lift the tissues slightly.
Smooth Implants
Smooth implants are the most frequently used. Once placed in the breast, they can rotate freely in the pocket, which means they are less likely to wrinkle (if the implant is round and not teardrop shaped). They have softer shells that are less likely to result in visible rippling or wrinkling. They are less expensive than textured implants and tend to last longer.
Of course, your surgeon will help you pick the implant that is most appropriate for your body and the look youre trying to achieve. Textured surfaces work best with teardrop shaped implants, which can give a more natural look. Smooth implants are less expensive and associated with less complications. Your surgeon can give you more details about each type of implant, and help you decide which is best for you.
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