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Why You Should Consider IV Therapy

Posted September 23, 2019 in IV Therapy

IV Vitamin Therapy isn’t new, but it continues to gain popularity because of its extensive and versatile benefits that appeal to men and women of all ages and backgrounds. If you’ve been considering joining the NOVA Plastic Surgery patients who keep coming back for more IV Vitamin Therapy in Northern Virginia, we can help you […]

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Wellness and Anti-Aging Injections at NOVA Plastic Surgery

Posted April 08, 2019 in IV Therapy

By Dr. Fadi Nukta You don’t just want to look your best; you also want to feel your best. Today, life is demanding, and there’s always something that needs to be done. Between work and home commitments, it can be hard to keep up. At NOVA Plastic Surgery, we offer vitamin and mineral injections that […]

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