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Simple Treatments for Gummy Smiles

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Posted June 29, 2011 in News

So many people are self-conscious of what they call a gummy smile. You may identify if you feel like your upper teeth are overtaken by extra gum tissue every time that you smile. Sound familiar? If youve always felt like your top teeth look too short in comparison to your gums when you smile, then you may be an eligible candidate for several gummy smile treatments to correct this cosmetic issue.

A gummy smile can take away from the true beauty of your natural smile. By using a simple gummy smile treatment, you can finally smile proudly and feel like your best self again.
What Causes a Gummy Smile?
Here are several of the potential causes of a gummy smile, like:

  • Too Much Gum Tissue: Having excess gum tissue above your upper teeth could cause your top teeth to automatically appear smaller or shorter. Teeth covered by extra gum tissue dont appear to be long enough, even though the teeth are actually the proper length underneath.
  • Hyperactive Upper Lip Muscle: In some cases, the muscle that controls your upper lip can become hyperactive, which causes your upper lip to lift up higher than it normally would. When this occurs, it looks like more gum tissue is exposed every time that you smile, causing a gummy smile effect.
  • Protruding Upper Jaw: Your upper jawbone may have grown in such a way that it protrudes above your top teeth, drawing attention to your gum tissue. This could make your smile appear gummier every time you show your teeth.

Gummy Smile: Is There a Solution?
If youre looking for a treatment to this common cosmetic issue, you can visit a local plastic surgeon to determine if youre a candidate for a gummy smile treatment. Depending upon the condition of your gummy smile, you may be eligible for such treatment options as:

  • Outpatient laser treatments for minor cases.
  • Surgical lip augmentation and lengthening.
  • Botox injections to relax the hyperactive muscles.
  • Surgical sculpting of the gum tissue and bone to create natural gum contours.
  • Facial surgery to reposition the jawbone.

When the above treatments are performed successfully by a trustworthy plastic surgeon, an obvious gummy smile can be quickly treated so that the length of the teeth is perfectly balanced with the shape of the gums. Although this is an aesthetic cosmetic procedure, having an overly gummy smile can affect the confidence and self-image of countless men and women.
An optimal smile should reveal a minimal amount of gum tissue if at all possible. When smiling, any gum tissue should be balanced and contoured to complement the shape of the upper lip. This is precisely why many people suffering from a gummy smile may be embarrassed of their smile or feel like it is unattractive if it doesnt balance properly with the natural shape of their lip.
Fortunately, theres a simple solution in a gummy smile treatment that can give you back your confidence!.
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