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PRP treatment

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Posted October 12, 2017 in Face

Those of you that know me know that I am very interested in anything organic sustainable and natural.
So whenever I find healthcare solutions that are based on natural and holistic approach to skin care, antiaging and health in general, I become very interested in it: studying it, looking at the research behind it, testing the results and deciding whether it is something that I want to bring our patients.
The criteria I follow for each treatment that we choose is: It has to be safe effective, an acceptable downtime and minimal level of risk given the benefits.
One of our services that definitely fit the criteria I mentioned above is PRP treatment whether for hair loss or for facial rejuvenation.
These treatments have quickly become one of the most popular services at NOVA Plastic Surgery.
PRP or platelet rich plasma consists of taking small amounts of blood from a patient then spinning it in a centrifuge at very precise speeds, separating blood into different layers. Then the Platelets, which are very small particles in our blood loaded with growth and healing factors, are extracted and reinjected back into either the scalp for hair growth or the face for facial rejuvenation.
The results have been really excellent and our patients are loving it.
For hair loss:
This is an excellent natural choice for patients that are suffering from thinning hair but are not candidates for or not interested in hair transplantation
works both on men and woman and you expect to see results after four weeks of treatment most people need two to three treatments
For facial rejuvenation: PRP is great for restoring the collagen in our skin it’s great for fine wrinkles and it can help improve the overall quality and texture of skin.
What’s  great about this it’s your own tissue, no foreign body no risk of rejection minimal downtime and the procedure takes about an hour.
So if you feel this is something for you please don’t hesitate call us and will be happy to talk to you about the options

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