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Neck Lift for Sagging Skin

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Posted January 28, 2013 in News

Skin droopiness is just one of the three aspects of facial aging, and it is one of the most noticeable and frustrating because it generally cannot be corrected with skin care products. When combined with the other two aspects of facial aging- skin texture changes and volume loss- we can look much older than we feel.
Skin droopiness in the neck area might be even more pronounced than that of the face, especially since we tend to neglect that area when applying sunscreen or other protectants to the skin. The rays of the sun can speed up the process of aging considerably. Collagen loss as we age also contributes to loose, sagging skin.

When the skin of the neck gets droopy, we can develop turkey necks, or patches of loose skin just under the chin that move when we turn our heads. You can also develop stringy vertical bands that run from the collarbone to either side of the jaw, and loose horizontal banding that can fold over one another. These issues can be corrected with a neck lift. Some neck lifts can also include a tightening of the neck muscles, as well as the removal of excess skin.
A neck lift involves the removal of the sagging skin, as well as any fat deposits that have accumulated under the chin and given you that wattle appearance. The procedure will return your neck to a tighter, more youthful looking state. Neck lifts can also be performed in conjunction with other procedures, like face lifts or mini-facelifts.
The incision for a neck lift is hidden behind the ears or under the chin (sometimes both), where they will be hidden by the natural contours of your face once they heal. After the procedure, you may notice some bruising or swelling in the first 48 hours that will begin fading shortly thereafter. You will be given post-operative instructions to help minimize any discomfort or swelling.
After your recovery, which lasts around four weeks, you will notice immediate results. Your neck will have a tighter, smoother, more attractive appearance.
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