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Maintaining Your New Body After Liposuction

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Posted August 06, 2012 in News

Woman measuring her bellyLiposuction is a popular cosmetic procedure that consists of the removal of fat cells from troublesome areas of the body that have not been responding to diet or exercise. Common areas where patients get liposuction include the hips, back, buttocks, and abdomen.

Liposuction works through the insertion of a syringe of cannula (stainless steel device with a suctioning action) through small incisions in the area. The fat is then sucked out or removed via the syringe. The result is the permanent removal of fat cells for the trouble spot, giving you a smoother, firmer appearance.
So how does a patient maintain their results once they have recovered from liposuction? It is import to actively maintain the results because, though the fat cells have been removed, new ones can accumulate in the area if significant weight gain occurs.
The first factor in maintaining your results from liposuction is your diet. A healthy diet that isnt heavy in fat or sugar will help you maintain your weight and your surgical results. Liposuction is not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle, so it is important to look at the procedure as a second chance to a new you.
The second factor in keeping your new physique is exercise, with a plan that is heavy on the cardiovascular workouts. Women who have had liposuction and do not exercise are at a greater risk of not only regaining the fat, but of also developing fat around the organs, which can put you at risk for developing other conditions. It is also important to drink the recommended amount of water per day for your body weight.
Finally, another way to make sure you maintain your results is to get as close to your ideal weight as possible before the surgery happens. This will decrease the chances that you will have extreme weight fluctuations afterwards.
Through diet and exercise, you can keep the slimmer, smoother look you have acquired. Weight gain that occurs after liposuction will initially happen in the fat cells you still have, which can give your body an out-of-balance look. After that, if the gaining is significant, you will lose the results of your surgery
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