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Laser Hair Removal in Ashburn

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Posted November 18, 2013 in News

Many hair removal techniques are expensive, painful and messy (like waxing), or need to be repeated daily or weekly (like shaving). If youve been looking for a better way to remove hair from the face or body, laser hair removal is for you. Very simply, laser hair removal is a procedure that penetrates the hair follicle with light energy to destroy the root without damaging the skin surrounding the follicle. The darker pigment in the root absorb the lasers energy, killing it and preventing future growth!

What Laser Hair Removal System Do You Use?

Laser hair removal in Ashburn

NOVA Plastic Surgery uses the Candela GentleLASE Pro laser system, a state-of-the-art system that comes with built-in cooling to ensure your comfort during treatment. Its also the fastest and most powerful dual-laser system, which means youll be in and out of the office faster than you would with any other system!

What Are the Benefits of Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is an excellent option for when youre just tired of tweezing, shaving, or waxing. Its also a great way to remove hair from areas you cant reach to perform other methods of hair removal, like the back. The laser targets coarse, dark hair removing the most visible hairs without damaging your skin. If your skin is easily irritated by shaving or waxing, this is a perfect alternative.

Another benefit is time. Each pulse of the laser can reach several hairs at once, and of course the pulse takes less than a second. On average, a laser treatment system can reach a quarter-sized area every second, which means smaller spots can be done in less than a minute. Treating both legs or the back can take less than an hour. Contrast this to electrolysis, where each individual follicle needs to be zapped in order to kill it. To do a single upper lip, dozens and dozens of hair follicles need to be individually targeted by the technician.

When Should I Get Laser Hair Removal?

Winter is an excellent time for getting laser hair removal, especially of the armpits and legs. Its recommended that you stop waxing or plucking for about six weeks before the treatment because waxing and plucking removes the hairs roots. The laser works by killing the root, so it needs to be visible. Youre wearing more clothes in the winter, so you can cover up those areas that you dont want to show while you regrow the hair for treatment.

Of course, if you shave you wont need to wait six weeks. But you do need to limit your sun exposure for up to six weeks before and after the procedure. Laser hair removal works best when the dark, coarse hair is in stark contrast to your skin tone- so the less pigmented it is, the easier and more effective the treatment will be. Youll be tanning less and in the sun less in the winter, so its still a good time for the treatment no matter how you remove the unwanted hair before laser hair removal.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Most people need more than one laser hair removal treatment to cover an entire area. While you might respond in as little as two treatments, most people need between four and six. The exact number of treatments youll need will depend on your skin type and hair type. The color and density of the hair, and diameter of the hair follicles, will also influence the number of treatments youll need.

Hair grows in cycles, and the only time a follicle has enough pigment to absorb the laser that kills it is during the active phase. Since not all your hair follicles are on the same cycle, not all of the hairs in one area will be in active growth when you come in for treatment. This is why more than one treatment is usually needed. So every time you leave the office, youre that much closer to your goal.

Its important to note that you wont get 100 percent hair removal from any form of laser hair removal. Fine, light colored hairs arent dark or thick enough to absorb the laser energy. However, dark and coarse hairs are the ones that are visible, so you will be happy with the results.

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

That will vary from person to person, but most people describe it as similar to a rubber band snap. Many people who get electrolysis or regular waxing describe the procedure as less uncomfortable than those techniques. Along with personal predisposition, things like your menstrual cycle and the area being treated will affect the level of discomfort you feel. Your laser hair removal tech can provide cooling ice packs to help treat any discomfort.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits to laser hair removal in Ashburn, with the only real drawback being that youll need to come in for more than one session. But even that is better than shaving every week or waxing every month for the rest of your life! And the winter time, when youre already covered up and not necessarily as worried about body hair, is a great time to take care of the issue once and for all.

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