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Posted April 24, 2013 in News

Were all familiar with the traditional facial. You go to a spa and they use scented lotions and creams to cleanse and moisturize your face. There might be a massage. You leave feeling relaxed and looking more refreshed- but do the results last long?

A laser facial is different. It utilizes laser technology in your plastic surgeon or aestheticians office. The technology targets imperfections in the skin that creams and lotions cannot fix- issues like sun damage, acne scarring, freckles, large pores, and more. Laser facials target these specific issues, and can usually be done in under an hour.

Non-ablative treatments are those that dont involve the removal of the upper layer of the skin. So theres no downtime, no need for special ointments, and no need to take time off from work. The laser targets the layers of skin under the top layer, removing imperfections and stimulating collagen growth.

You can use a laser facial treatment to correct a number of complaints that are not severe enough to warrant traditional plastic surgery (or for which there is no plastic surgery options). These include smoothing rough skin, evening out the pigmentation in the skin, and even treating some early forms of skin cancer.

For non-ablative laser treatments (the kind that dont destroy the top layer of skin and therefore require little to no downtime), you will need a series of treatments in order to see the results. Most clients will need to come in three to five times, with each session being short enough to be done over a lunch break.

Once your laser facial is over, the surgeon or esthetician may give you a moisturizing facial cream to use, and it will be important to wear sunscreen and avoid sun exposure so you dont cause sun damage during the treatment. Generally, you will be immediately able to put on makeup like normal and resume your regular activities after each session.

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