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Is A Breast Lift Right For Me?

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Posted June 04, 2012 in News

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When considering procedures that are available to improve the appearance of the bust, many people think that their only option is a breast augmentation. This is not necessarily true- some potential patients may be better suited for a breast lift, also known as a mastopexy.
A breast lift involves lifting the tissues of the breast and remove excess skin in order to give the breasts a more youthful and uplifted profile. A breast lift doesnt change the size of the breasts, and it does not round out the top portion of the tissues like a breast augmentation will.
A breast lift is an excellent option for women who have lost lift due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, age, or other reasons, and who do not want to change the actual size of their chest.
Patients can also pair a breast lift with a breast augmentation or a breast reduction in order to change both the size and the placement of the breasts. The surgeon can also alter the size or placement of the areola during a breast lift.
The Procedure
Undergoing a breast lift will involve general anesthesia. The incision generally starts around the areola and moves down to the bottom of the breast, or around the sides of the breast.
Once the incision is made, the tissues are lifted to give you a perkier profile and to increase the firmness. The nipples and areola are resized or repositioned as needed, and excess skin is removed. Excess tissue is removed, in the case of a breast reduction, or implants are placed, in the case of a breast augmentation.
The incision lines are often hidden in the natural contours of the breast shape, but that will vary from patient to patient.
Is A Breast Lift Right For You?
This is something your surgeon will help you decide, but there are general guidelines about who makes a good candidate for a breast lift. You will need to be a non-smoker with a relatively stable weight (weight loss or weight gain after surgery can alter the appearance of the breasts).
The procedure is right for you if you are fine with the size of your breasts, but unhappy with the shape. If the breasts are sagging or elongated, or the nipples point downward when unsupported, you may want to consider a breast lift. It can also be a useful procedure for correcting the position of one breast that is lower than the other.
Visit our breast lift page for more comprehensive educational information about the procedure.
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