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How to Improve Your Skin Texture with These Popular Treatments

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Posted April 13, 2020 in Face

Improve Skin Texture in Northern Virginia
Your skin gets exposed to a lot every day. There’s so much in the air: dirt, pollution, free radicals. It can really do a number on your skin, drying it out, causing fine lines and even acne which can lead to scarring. Then there’s the aging process which can lead to sagging skin, discolorations, and wrinkles as well as sun damage.

It may seem like you are powerless against this constant onslaught but you’re not. There are treatments that can help improve the texture of your skin, leaving it brighter, smoother, and younger-looking.
If you are looking for treatments that improve skin texture in Northern Virginia, we’ve got them. Here are some of our most popular procedures for smoothing, brightening, and rejuvenating skin. And you can find them all at your local NOVA Plastic Surgery facility.

PRP Facial Rejuvenation

The process behind PRP Facial Rejuvenation has been used for decades in the medical industry but is only recently finding a new purpose in cosmetic treatments. It uses the patient’s own blood to create an organic beauty treatment that minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, improves overall skin tone and texture, and plumps hollowed areas like cheeks and under the eyes.
The treatment is about an hour long. First, blood is drawn from the patient and processed to produce a layer of concentrated cells that are rich in plasma, growth factors, and platelets. This is then extracted and injected into the patient’s skin using fine needles.
This treatment is effective as a stand-alone procedure or in combination with other procedures like Botox. Typically, two to three treatments are required in order to achieve optimal effects. These subsequent treatments are typically spaced about eight weeks apart. The skin will continue to improve as collagen regeneration is stimulated with maximum effects occurring at around three months.


If you are looking for a minimally invasive treatment to achieve younger-looking skin, this is a great choice. Microneedling helps to even out skin tone, minimize large pore, reduce the appearance of stretch marks, and more. Fine lines and rough skin texture melt away and you are left with skin that looks and feels younger.
The procedure itself takes around a half-hour or less and begins with the application of a hyaluronic acid product which stimulated the production of collagen, vitamin C, and a custom selected skin lightener.
The doctor then moves the microneedling device over your skin until the entire treatment area is covered. The device punctures the epidermis of the skin with tiny needles which prompts the skin to produce collagen and increases blood flow.
There may be minimal discomfort during the treatment and the skin may be tender after for a day or two, but cool compresses and over the counter pain relief are typically sufficient.

NanoLaser Peel

Sciton’s NanoLaser Peel works quickly to improve skin texture and minimize discoloration. It is a very effective skin brightener and one treatment can leave you with younger-looking, more luminous skin.
The treatment works by removing the outermost layer of skin while heat from the procedure stimulates the production of collagen. The entire process is typically less than an hour and includes preparation as well as the treatment itself. Numbing cream is applied first, then removed. The patient is given goggles to protect the eyes and the laser treatment itself is only about 20 minutes.
The device is moved over the skin and is often described as feeling like a sunburn. Following the initial redness and tenderness may last up to two days. On day two after the treatment, the skin will be rough, tight, and begin to peel. By day three the skin will be soft, smooth, and luminous. Patients will continue to see results for four to six months after treatment.

Profractional Laser Treatment

Profractional laser treatment is a non-surgical procedure that resurfaces the skin to smooth wrinkles, improve skin tone, and minimize the appearance of scars. It corrects imperfections in the skin like discoloration and fine lines while rejuvenating it leaving a fresh, more youthful appearance. This procedure also stimulates the body’s natural collagen production for ongoing, longer-lasting effects.
During the procedure, which lasts less than a half-hour, the patient wears protective goggles while the doctor moves the laser device over the skin being treated. Most patients feel some heat and the sensation of small pebbles hitting the skin, but any pain is usually very minimal or nonexistent.
Recovery takes around three to four days, after which the patient may wear light makeup and return to normal activities. Improvements to the skin are ongoing and tend to continue for four to six months following the treatment as collagen production increases.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels have long been a treatment for smoothing skin and giving it a more youthful appearance. It is typically performed on the hands, neck, and face but can be used to treat other areas of the skin as well. It is very effective in improving the appearance of sun-damaged skin, scarring, wrinkles, discolorations, and skin that is rough and dull.
The procedure itself is quite simple. The type used depends on the patient:

  • Gel Peel SM – Salicylic and mandelic acids. Treats wrinkles, pore congestion, and typical signs of aging.
  • Gel Peel GL – Glycolic and lactic acids. Treats sun damage and aging skin.
  • Micropeel (sensitive skin, 20 solution, and 30 solution) – AHA formulated with un-neutralized acids. Treats early signs of aging caused by sun damage.
  • Micropeel (plus 20 and plus 30) – BHA peel. Treats uneven skin tone, blotchiness, rough texture, and acne.
  • Advanced Corrective Peel – AHA, BHA, and phenylethyl resorcinol blend. Treats pigmentation and discoloration, brightens dull skin, and improves skin surface.
  • Pigment Balancing Peel – AHA and vitamin C. Treats hyperpigmentation caused by hormones, sun damage, or inflammation as well as wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging.

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